Tuesday, July 31, 2012

She's a Tease!

The worst part about having bangs is having to get them trimmed every other week! My hair grows like a weed, so before I know it I can barely see. So, my mom had a hair appointment today so I went with her to get my fringe trimmed. My mom has a stylish long blonde bob with bangs. She often goes shorter and then lets it grow, she just can't stay satisfied. She is obsessed with one of Paris Hilton's old bob cuts. Every time she goes to get her hair done she shows her hair dresser the picture but she will never go as short as it is in the picture. Today she finally took the risk and it paid off! Her hair was SO voluminous it was fabulous. I wish I could get that volume naturally!
For many years I would tease my hair near the root for a little extra volume. God I was young and stupid because everyone knows teasing is one of the worst things you can do for your hair. After trying many products and techniques I have mastered how to achieve the perfect amount of volume!
1. I love hair products, for my hair they tend to work...(I think 90% of it is mental anyway). I always apply product before blow drying from my roots to half way down my hair. My favorite product for volume is Aveda Volumizing Tonic. 
2. I always dry my hair with my head upside down for at least three minutes. Again, it may be all mental but doing this helps life the roots. I also use an Ionic Blow Dryer there are tons and tons of ionic dryers out there. Mine happens to be Conair and I love it!
3. If you feel the need to tease try back combing with a flat brush. This is much less damaging then a rats tail comb. 
4. Hair spray can also help achieve volume assuming it does not weigh down your do! Becuase hair spray can easily drench your hair I recommend spraying it in the air and walking through it (a you would do with perfume). Remember, you can always add more, but taking away would require a washing! My favorite hair spray for volume is Phyto Phtovolume Actif Volumizer Spray. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Throwback Tunes

I can honestly say this has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I had a three night sleep over with my bestest friend, I had two vendor's sales, I had to go fabric shopping, and tons of others errands in-between. All this craziness makes me go through a roller coaster of emotions. Today I had a vendor's sale and I did extremely well! This lady saw my vintage tablecloth and she said she as well collects vintage linens. She gave me the brilliant idea to make dresses out of them! I am so excited to try that out, come the fall. Anyway, To settle my mind after a long day today I watched my favorite movie, Grease. Everyone must think I'm such a nerd, but hey I love old stuff. Oh, I thought this picture was supper cool, I want glasses like the second pair. 
Well, because I had such a crazy week my playlist of the week is a rather interesting mix. The majority of it is old stuff and I encourage you to jam out to all these tunes because this is what kept me together this week! Enjoy (#10 has the coolest music video)
1. Man! I Feel Like a Women.......Shania Twain  CLICK TO LISTEN
2.  Put Your Records On....... Corinne Bailey Rae CLICK TO LISTEN
3. Beauty School Dropout......Grease CLICK TO LISTEN
4. Crazy Girl......Eli Young Band CLICK TO LISTEN
5. Hot Blooded.....Foreigner CLICK TO LISTEN
6. One of the Boys......Katy Perry CLICK TO LISTEN
7. More Then Words/Heaven....Rock of Ages CLICK TO LISTEN
8. Jealous Guy....John Lennon  CLICK TO LISTEN
9. I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues...Elton JohnCLICK TO LISTEN
10. Breaking Down......Florence and The Machine CLICK TO LISTEN

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Outfits of the Week

I wasn't planning on blogging today because I am absolutely exhausted. I spent the day sewing in my "sweat shop" as my mom likes to call it. I was in my pajamas all day and had my hair in a high pony tail. I love pony tails because swinging it back and forth makes me feel like my hair is extra l long and lush. If you want a fabulous pony tail I recommend first having unwashed hair. Then I like to tease the crown of my head to get a little volume. I then brush my hair with my head upside-down, this directs the hair into a pony tail shape. Lastly, tie off with a hair tie and if you would like, spray with hairspray.
Anyway, I keep a fashion journal, and today I was looking back in it. I know I'm a nerd but that journal has proven to me that not only does my style change every season but it changes every week! So, I decided the best way to show you guys my style of the week is by creating my top two outfits every week. 
1. This first outfit is very flirty and classic. The Topshop dress gives off a very earthy feel along with the leather accessories. I love that the outfit is so put together yet it looks so effortless. The only thing that makes this outfit even better is that it can easily go from day to night! It is a fabulous go to outfit for any occasion. 
2. I am obsessed with this retro look. Everything is clean cut and classic. Even though the pieces look very retro there is a lot of sex appeal in the blouse and shorts. All the pieces in this outfit are very fun and unique so they can easily be mixed in matched with basics in your wardrobe to make countless outfits!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Break Out

I should have enjoyed my days of rest when I had them! I run my own business, its a blessing because I am flexible, I can make my own work schedule, and I make tons of money. The down side is I have a lot to do, and a custom order can spring up at any moment. But all in all I love my job and I couldn't be happier. My success is over and above anything I have ever planned. Take a look at my bags. There made out of coffee bean bags! (at bottom of page!!!!!!)
Anyway I just got an order of forty bags so I am stressed like never before! All this stress causes one thing-break outs. No one loves talking about their skin flaws but lets face it we all have them. My skin is far from perfect but I do have a couple of tricks to make your face glow! 
I have learned the only way to find what works best for YOU is to try everything. For my skin the following seems to work. Some may work great for you others may be a fail. It's all about trial and error.
1. Toothpaste. I just about swear by this. When ever I have a problem spot that will not go away on its own I dab a little toothpaste on it before I go to bed. In the morning I scrub my face with Clean & Clear  face wash. And SURPRISE it went bye-bye. I would not recommend this remedy every night, because it is drying and could be come irratating. It is perfect for the night before a big event!
2. Steam. About once a week I like to steam my pores open, this will cleanse them. I boil a pot of water and add a few drops of rosemary oil. (Rosemary is not only great for skin but hair as well!) I then put a towel over my hair and hold my face about 5" from the steaming water for about 5 minutes. After I heavily moisturize. The rosemary really helps! LIFE SAVER
3. Everyone loves to be tan but the sad reality is sun ages skin. It is so important to lather up a good moisturizing sunblock (mostly on your face). This will keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. You can still get a good color even when wearing sun block. The sun is strong! AND there are other ways to get a sun kissed look! I swear on Too Faced Bronzer and I am obsessed with Jergens Natural Glow for the Face. 

Check Out My Bags!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hung Up

Recently I have been reading a lot. I am not a huge reader so I'm not to sure why I just felt like reading. I just finished this book (recommended by my best friend) called Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) by Sarah Mlynowski. I would totally pass the recommendation onto you, especially if you are sick of boring books. It is filled with intense moments  that make you never want to stop reading! Also don't by the actual book if you have an iphone or ipad, read on there. Books are so out. You may complain the iphone s too small to read on! SO not true! My bestie read the whole book on there and didn't complain once.
Currently I read on my mom's ipad. It's fine. I mean it's the original ipad, black, no camera, ya no. About a week ago I decided I will be saving my money for my own ipad! The new one in white! I thought it would be a great investment for myself. Anyway, you are probably wondering where I am going with this. With most of the world owning ipads and iphones we need away to stand out! So I am about to bring to your attention my vote of the 3 most original ipad cases and 5 most original iphone cases.
1. $49.00 Etsy
3. $24.00 Urban Outfitters
1. $30.00 Urban Outfitters
2. $26.50 Etsy
3. $13.95 Amazon
4. $16.00 Urban Outfitters
5. $39.95 Kate Spade

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hate Fate

Today I went to lunch with some school friends. It's always nice to catch up with everyone during the summer to hear the latest update of their summer adventures. All was good except one tiny detail. Let me back up...there is this boy who I am hmmm civil with. We aren't friends but we have been through our rough patches. Anyway about a month ago we made a truce and really cleared things up and I was very happy with the situation! Today I found out he basically....HATES ME. At least I have my best friend I can always count on! That's us!!

Anyway I usually have an "I don't care what people think" attitude! So here is my advice on how to deal when someone hates you. Sometimes one person just can't seem to let go of old drama! Don't let them bring you down!
1. Realize not everyone in this world is your friend. I'm sorry but it is a good reality check! It's just life that you aren't going to get along with everyone and some people may not agree with you! It may or not be your fault. But hey you can't please everyone.
2. Stay civil. Try your best not to get sassy if your "hater" trashes you either to your face or behind your back. Be calm. Act like you don't care and don't make a big deal about it. If it truly does hurt you vent to a trusted friend in private.
3. Focus on your friends. Put your time and energy into your own friends! Don't think about that person that hates you. When with small groups avoid that person, do not put yourself in an awkward or harmful situation. surround yourself with people you enjoy and vice versa.
4. Change. Perhaps you are in the wrong. Maybe there is something you do that is rude, racist, or obnoxious. Things like that can rub people in the wrong way. Examine yourself and determine if there is something that you need to change to make yourself a better person NOT make your "hater" like you.
5. Extend a hand. If things don't get better try apologizing. Being the bigger person always pays off at the end. Just don't change who you are for one person! It's a big world out there and all the best had haters!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Dots

The last two nights I had a sleepover with my best friend!!!! Aside from consuming crazy amounts of sugar and watching lots and lots of movies--- we went shopping! Our best buy of the night was our matching underwear at Victoria's Secret. Well, since you know it was the 5 for $26 deal (because what normal person would buy anything in there not on sale?!?!)I also got four other pairs which were all polka dotted!! So in my welcome post I informed you that I would be updating you on my obsessions! Here's my first!!

Dots dots dots dots dots. I am obsessed!!! So after seeing that fabulous Marc Jacobs black and white polka dot outfit just a few seasons ago, I decided I wanted to add some dots to my favorite tshirt. It would make it fresh and trendy. I went through countless DIYs until I came to this one! I hope you will watch and try this fun DIY for yourself!! I guarantee dots will be everywhere in your closet now!

And here are some great pieces you can recreate using the technique from the video above! They are also my favorite polka dot items!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving Music

When I'm sewing, when I'm taking a shower, when I'm getting ready in the morning, while I'm in the car, and when I fall asleep at night one thing keeps me going. MUSIC. What on Earth did we do before Iphones, Ipads, and Ipods...well i gues record players but still. Anyway I listen to rather weird music. I know we all have our quirks but very few of my friends share my music interests. I do listen to some "normal music" like "Today's Hits" on pandora and I will admitt I am quite the fan of rap!! But there is a side to me that very few people are aware of. I love classic rock, zen music, and indie rock. I do also obsess over some Broadway soundtracks like Wicked and Hairspray.

So I figured why not every week share to the world the playlist that keeps me moving. This week is a real mix of everything... Enjoy 
1. Defying Gravity......Wicked Click to Listen
2. It Don't Come Easy......Ringo Starr Click to Listen
3. We Built This City/We're Not Gonna Take It....Rock of Ages Click to Listen
4. Maggie May....Rod Stewart Click to Listen
5. Under My Thumb...The Rolling Stones Click to Listen
6. Learning to Fly....Tom Petty Click to Listen
7. Top of the World ...Shanen knife Click to Listen
8. Pound the Alarm....Nicki Minaj Click to Listen
9. Swim...Jack's Mannequin Click to Listen
10. Waiting for a Girl Like You....Rock of Ages Click to Listen

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Food for Thought

I was rather sassy when I woke up this morning, but I'm not too sure why. My mom often tells me I was born sassy. I think I have to agree. To un sass myself I treated myself to a Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt (which is 100 calories BTW). I love that stuff. Like seriously it tastes like ice cream, and for a 100 calories you can't beat it!......anyway this lovely message was on the top.....

There are lots of other interesting foods that do more then just make your taste buds dance. There are lots of foods out there that are categorized as "feel good foods". I do a lot of research about what foods benefit what part of the body and mind! I have tried it all and here's what works for me!

Foods that help you focus: Oranges, Salmon and other seafood, Almonds, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate, Avocados, and Blueberries
Foods that put you in a good mood for the day: Strawberries, Pears, Pineapple, Walnuts, Brown Rice, Eggs, Garlic, and Ginger 
Foods that help you sleep better: Jasmine Rice, Yogurt, Bananas, Kale, Chickpeas and Whole Grains

Bon appetite for a happy day and peaceful night!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sassy, Single, and Sexy

I have to admit even though it was absolutely disgusting out today, I am SO glad it rained. Why you ask? Well obviously, I have been dying to wear my navy blue Hunter Rain Boots! If your interested in buying a pair, this is the time of year to do it! I got mine just a year ago for like half the price, the sales this time of year are crazy! Anyway, all this doing nothing because of the rain has really gave me time to think about my love life...or lack there of. The best promise I have ever made to myself was that I would absolutely at all costs stay single this summer! GASP

So I know you are all dying to know why I am so happy being single! Here are my inside tips and tricks to make the most out of your singleness. 

1. First and foremost treat yourself! Yes I said it treat yourself. The best way to do this is reward yourself with something you love. Feel free to splurge and buy something you really want but there are cheap ways to please yourself! 
How I treat myself: A Red Machine Naked Juice
2. Single doesn't mean lonely! Just because you don't have a boy hanging all over you doesn't mean you need to stay at home and gripe all day. Get out with your friends. Intermix, meet people, feel not tied down to one person! And hey if you meet someone......you are single after all! 
How I have fun: Go on a crazy adventure with my best friend! 
3. Dress to impress...yourself! Don't dress trashy or showy for a guy! Dress to please yourself. Wear what makes you happy and what you feel good in! Also wear frilly, cute undergarments! Again, not for a guy but for yourself. It will help you to feel extra sexy with out showing the world. 
How I dress for myself: No words needed! How cool are those shoes?!
Just remember griping about your lack of love will not make it appear! Girls are powerful and responsible on their own, we don't need a guy to lean on. AND think about the big picture, do you really wan to lower your standards for a summer fling.....i'll let you think about that one!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach or Bust?

I have been having serious problems sleeping at night! I am one of those freaks who always goes to bed  extremely early unless I am having a heated conversation with I guy and I convince myself to stay up. I arose this morning with about four hours of sleep.. So, to recuperate I put on my favorite bikini and headed to the beach. Ah...the beach

Are you self conscious in your bikini? Are you over confident? PLEASE take my advice! You are all beautiful but reality check we all can't wear a itty bitty tiny string bikini. Here's my guide to look model level no matter what body shape you have! 
Boy Shape: Its a blessing to have a boy shape because you look stick skinny in clothes but swim suits are a challenge! They tend to make a boy shape look boxy. It is an easy fix! For this body type more skin is better. A classic string bikini will make a boy shape body look fun and flirty! Avoid skirted suits, and tops with a thick band under the bust. My top Pick: $16 target.com

Hippy: Guys love those hips but God it must be hard to find a swim suit when your bottoms are way larger then your top! Easy and fun fix! Buy separates in fun patterns but be sure to avoid boyshort bottoms. Opt for something more high rise style that will make your legs look sky high! Feel free to pick whatever your heart desires as far as tops go! My top Pick: $45 romwe.com

Flat Chest: Nothing is worse then not be ing able to fill out your bathing suit top! But there are some tricks- pick a push up top! Yes just like your best push up bra there are push up bikini tops and they are TOOO CUTE! Also picking tops with ruffles or a busy print makes your small bust appear larger! My top pick:$17 on dorthyperkins.com

Blessed in the Bust- Always feeling like you are busting out, and not sexy at all? All you need is a little lift! Choose an ajustable top. Halters offer the eact amount of lift you need! Also a little shirring on the sides adds a sexy detail. Skip flared tankinis and high necklines, both will make the upper body appear larger. My top Pick: $56 topshop.com 

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Caked On

    Today was one of those mornings I live for: Having an infinity amount of time to get ready! I usually am not a big makeup person. I cake on some foundation, coat on some mascara, and lastly add some lip color. (Right now I am obsessed with red lips). But because I had FOREVER this morning I decided to really take my time. So I exfoliated my face and lathered on my favorite Clinique face cream. I totally recommend it I have been using it for years. Then I applied some pressed powder and then focused on my eyes for once! I find the best way to make your makeup look perfect is to start with a fresh pallet. When I don't wear makeup for a couple of days it makes it easier to apply makeup because my skin is totally bare. Below was my makeup inspiration picture for today!

    So the problem I usually have with makeup is how do you not make foundation looked caked on?! My trick is Too Faced pressed powder! The best brand of makeup EVER!!! What I love about pressed powder is it does not sweat off like liquid foundation and it covers more then regular powder. You also do not need to apply a lot, therefore it does not feel like a weight on your face all day. You can buy Too faced pressed powder at Ulta or Sephora for $32 and it is worth every penny. It also has SPF protection which is great because you don't need to worry about getting burnt! (I hate sunblock because it makes you look greasy..ew.) I also recommend the bronzer! I love it because it looks like an effortless glow! Still self conscious about your skin DRINK WATER AND GREEN TEA AND REPEAT 

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Bubble Gum

    Today was another wardrobe disaster but it ended happily ever after! I had to go to Sally Beauty Supply to pick up some more hair dye because my bubble gum pink is turning to chewed up bubble gum. But anyway......My mom wanted to walk through T.J. Maxx so I took the opportunity to pick up some tops. (God I'm ready for fall) I ended up with three tanktops. They are all printed chiffon which I love because they are nice and airy for the summer. I also got two great pairs of shorts which i will be showing you some time this week! The suspense is killing you..I know!!! Anyway here's my hair!

    Okay so you don't have the same midsummer wardrobe crisis as I do I made some things on polyvore to show you how to wear the same statement top ($75 at OBEY) in two different ways. Every one has denim shorts to pull off the second look and the first look can be easily fitted to your style by using your favorite printed skirt.

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Skinny Minny Tricks

    I know you can all relate to those mornings when the alarm goes off and you just want to start crying your eyes out. Yeah, that was my morning today. I had to get up at 7:00 to truck up to NYC for my brothers doctor appointment. I would have stayed at home if the appointment was anywhere else but NYC, but being it is my favorite place I lugged myself out of bed. Actually I sprang out of bed because I find that is the only way I can get up. I new I should have picked my outfit out the night before but since I didn't I was stuck standing in my closet with piles on piles of clothes around me. I ended up wearing this.....
    I Love this skirt because it makes me feel skinny and helps me to look like I have a teeny tiny waist. I'm not as  twig like as I use to be but here are my tricks to get a skinny waist and emphsize the one you have!
    1. Go Green Tea! I am obsessed with green tea. It tastes good and most importantly makes you look good. Green tea extract increases the burning of calories and fat needed to lose weight! It also helps you hair and skin, so drink up!
    2. Put one foot in front of the other! Opt to walk when you have the choice. Just some extra steps can really help to tone your body. I always take the stairs and my trick to make it less painful is huff up going two by two. Skip every other step to form a longer stride. 
    3. Nom Nom Nom! PLEASE for the love of God EAT. Not eating will only make your problems worse. You need to keep your metabolism going and the only way to do so is eat and move. Try smaller portions if you want to cut back, just don't cut off all food supply.
    4. Wheat wars! Everyone loves carbs, especially bread. I can eat a whole bread basket at a restaurant, but I try to limit myself to one piece. I do this by sipping my drink until I am about to pee my pants. That way I am distracted from shoving white carbs in my mouth.
    5. Show it off! You can really make a great impression of a tiny waist by wearing a skirt like I have on above. It sits on my actual waist and the gathers only help to make my waist look smaller and give me an hour glass shape. 

    Good Night Everyone!

    Sunday, July 15, 2012


    Hey Girls Here There and Everywhere!
    From the time I was old enough to recognize the difference between beauty and not I knew I wanted to be beautiful. As my mom checked out in the grocery store I admired the beautiful girls on the glossy magazine covers. I wanted beautiful hair, a tiny waist, and a perfect wardrobe. Finding where you fit in in a world full of Barbies is not easy. I figured out everything on my own. From fashion and hair to popularity and boys fighting your way through the world is not easy. My blog will provide a variety of topics including my obsessions, hair, cosmetics, street style, runway, music, art, literature, and life tips.  I hope my blog gives you little tips and tricks here and there to be beautiful, personable, noticeable, and most importantly be yourself!