Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach or Bust?

I have been having serious problems sleeping at night! I am one of those freaks who always goes to bed  extremely early unless I am having a heated conversation with I guy and I convince myself to stay up. I arose this morning with about four hours of sleep.. So, to recuperate I put on my favorite bikini and headed to the beach. Ah...the beach

Are you self conscious in your bikini? Are you over confident? PLEASE take my advice! You are all beautiful but reality check we all can't wear a itty bitty tiny string bikini. Here's my guide to look model level no matter what body shape you have! 
Boy Shape: Its a blessing to have a boy shape because you look stick skinny in clothes but swim suits are a challenge! They tend to make a boy shape look boxy. It is an easy fix! For this body type more skin is better. A classic string bikini will make a boy shape body look fun and flirty! Avoid skirted suits, and tops with a thick band under the bust. My top Pick: $16

Hippy: Guys love those hips but God it must be hard to find a swim suit when your bottoms are way larger then your top! Easy and fun fix! Buy separates in fun patterns but be sure to avoid boyshort bottoms. Opt for something more high rise style that will make your legs look sky high! Feel free to pick whatever your heart desires as far as tops go! My top Pick: $45

Flat Chest: Nothing is worse then not be ing able to fill out your bathing suit top! But there are some tricks- pick a push up top! Yes just like your best push up bra there are push up bikini tops and they are TOOO CUTE! Also picking tops with ruffles or a busy print makes your small bust appear larger! My top pick:$17 on

Blessed in the Bust- Always feeling like you are busting out, and not sexy at all? All you need is a little lift! Choose an ajustable top. Halters offer the eact amount of lift you need! Also a little shirring on the sides adds a sexy detail. Skip flared tankinis and high necklines, both will make the upper body appear larger. My top Pick: $56 

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