Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bubble Gum

Today was another wardrobe disaster but it ended happily ever after! I had to go to Sally Beauty Supply to pick up some more hair dye because my bubble gum pink is turning to chewed up bubble gum. But anyway......My mom wanted to walk through T.J. Maxx so I took the opportunity to pick up some tops. (God I'm ready for fall) I ended up with three tanktops. They are all printed chiffon which I love because they are nice and airy for the summer. I also got two great pairs of shorts which i will be showing you some time this week! The suspense is killing you..I know!!! Anyway here's my hair!

Okay so you don't have the same midsummer wardrobe crisis as I do I made some things on polyvore to show you how to wear the same statement top ($75 at OBEY) in two different ways. Every one has denim shorts to pull off the second look and the first look can be easily fitted to your style by using your favorite printed skirt.

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