Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caked On

Today was one of those mornings I live for: Having an infinity amount of time to get ready! I usually am not a big makeup person. I cake on some foundation, coat on some mascara, and lastly add some lip color. (Right now I am obsessed with red lips). But because I had FOREVER this morning I decided to really take my time. So I exfoliated my face and lathered on my favorite Clinique face cream. I totally recommend it I have been using it for years. Then I applied some pressed powder and then focused on my eyes for once! I find the best way to make your makeup look perfect is to start with a fresh pallet. When I don't wear makeup for a couple of days it makes it easier to apply makeup because my skin is totally bare. Below was my makeup inspiration picture for today!

So the problem I usually have with makeup is how do you not make foundation looked caked on?! My trick is Too Faced pressed powder! The best brand of makeup EVER!!! What I love about pressed powder is it does not sweat off like liquid foundation and it covers more then regular powder. You also do not need to apply a lot, therefore it does not feel like a weight on your face all day. You can buy Too faced pressed powder at Ulta or Sephora for $32 and it is worth every penny. It also has SPF protection which is great because you don't need to worry about getting burnt! (I hate sunblock because it makes you look greasy..ew.) I also recommend the bronzer! I love it because it looks like an effortless glow! Still self conscious about your skin DRINK WATER AND GREEN TEA AND REPEAT 

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