Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Dots

The last two nights I had a sleepover with my best friend!!!! Aside from consuming crazy amounts of sugar and watching lots and lots of movies--- we went shopping! Our best buy of the night was our matching underwear at Victoria's Secret. Well, since you know it was the 5 for $26 deal (because what normal person would buy anything in there not on sale?!?!)I also got four other pairs which were all polka dotted!! So in my welcome post I informed you that I would be updating you on my obsessions! Here's my first!!

Dots dots dots dots dots. I am obsessed!!! So after seeing that fabulous Marc Jacobs black and white polka dot outfit just a few seasons ago, I decided I wanted to add some dots to my favorite tshirt. It would make it fresh and trendy. I went through countless DIYs until I came to this one! I hope you will watch and try this fun DIY for yourself!! I guarantee dots will be everywhere in your closet now!

And here are some great pieces you can recreate using the technique from the video above! They are also my favorite polka dot items!

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