Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hate Fate

Today I went to lunch with some school friends. It's always nice to catch up with everyone during the summer to hear the latest update of their summer adventures. All was good except one tiny detail. Let me back up...there is this boy who I am hmmm civil with. We aren't friends but we have been through our rough patches. Anyway about a month ago we made a truce and really cleared things up and I was very happy with the situation! Today I found out he basically....HATES ME. At least I have my best friend I can always count on! That's us!!

Anyway I usually have an "I don't care what people think" attitude! So here is my advice on how to deal when someone hates you. Sometimes one person just can't seem to let go of old drama! Don't let them bring you down!
1. Realize not everyone in this world is your friend. I'm sorry but it is a good reality check! It's just life that you aren't going to get along with everyone and some people may not agree with you! It may or not be your fault. But hey you can't please everyone.
2. Stay civil. Try your best not to get sassy if your "hater" trashes you either to your face or behind your back. Be calm. Act like you don't care and don't make a big deal about it. If it truly does hurt you vent to a trusted friend in private.
3. Focus on your friends. Put your time and energy into your own friends! Don't think about that person that hates you. When with small groups avoid that person, do not put yourself in an awkward or harmful situation. surround yourself with people you enjoy and vice versa.
4. Change. Perhaps you are in the wrong. Maybe there is something you do that is rude, racist, or obnoxious. Things like that can rub people in the wrong way. Examine yourself and determine if there is something that you need to change to make yourself a better person NOT make your "hater" like you.
5. Extend a hand. If things don't get better try apologizing. Being the bigger person always pays off at the end. Just don't change who you are for one person! It's a big world out there and all the best had haters!

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