Friday, July 20, 2012

Sassy, Single, and Sexy

I have to admit even though it was absolutely disgusting out today, I am SO glad it rained. Why you ask? Well obviously, I have been dying to wear my navy blue Hunter Rain Boots! If your interested in buying a pair, this is the time of year to do it! I got mine just a year ago for like half the price, the sales this time of year are crazy! Anyway, all this doing nothing because of the rain has really gave me time to think about my love life...or lack there of. The best promise I have ever made to myself was that I would absolutely at all costs stay single this summer! GASP

So I know you are all dying to know why I am so happy being single! Here are my inside tips and tricks to make the most out of your singleness. 

1. First and foremost treat yourself! Yes I said it treat yourself. The best way to do this is reward yourself with something you love. Feel free to splurge and buy something you really want but there are cheap ways to please yourself! 
How I treat myself: A Red Machine Naked Juice
2. Single doesn't mean lonely! Just because you don't have a boy hanging all over you doesn't mean you need to stay at home and gripe all day. Get out with your friends. Intermix, meet people, feel not tied down to one person! And hey if you meet are single after all! 
How I have fun: Go on a crazy adventure with my best friend! 
3. Dress to impress...yourself! Don't dress trashy or showy for a guy! Dress to please yourself. Wear what makes you happy and what you feel good in! Also wear frilly, cute undergarments! Again, not for a guy but for yourself. It will help you to feel extra sexy with out showing the world. 
How I dress for myself: No words needed! How cool are those shoes?!
Just remember griping about your lack of love will not make it appear! Girls are powerful and responsible on their own, we don't need a guy to lean on. AND think about the big picture, do you really wan to lower your standards for a summer fling.....i'll let you think about that one!

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