Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Best Issue Yet

Today THE OFFICIAL Fashion Bible has arrived- THE September Issue! 916 pages of pure fabulous fashion! I have yet to look through it but I already know it is amazing! The beautiful yet very strange Lady Gaga is on the cover, looking very thin. Anyway, I am not gonna bore you with my day. (except I did buy a super cute vintage sweater!!! Just wait, pictures will be coming your way soon!) So because it is a very special week (because of the September issue!) I do not have two outfits for you- I HAVE THREE!!!!
This hair is just super great! Anyway, I have three looks for you- edgy, girly, and trendy. Each are very unique, but they are all very in for the fall. I recommend that you can take aspects from each look to shape your fall wardrobe. 
1. Edgy. This hardcore outfit is the perfect mix of boy and girl to form a trendy look. The shoes, backpack, and camouflage jacket give off a very military, masculine vibe while the beaded blouse and pearl jewelry scream girly girl. The shorts pull the two opposites together! This outfit can easily transition into winter but switching out the shorts with some jeans or leggings. Makeup for this look is a clean face and lip with some black eye makeup (light or heavy depending how risky you are). If you would like to dress down the look a bit try a fitted white tshirt and some solid flats. 

2. Girly. This short twenties style, glitzy dress screams sexy! The shoes give the outfit an unexpected pop, that can easily be switch out with something classic like a nude heel. The shape of this dress is fitting for just about any body type, especially if you want to show off those sexy legs! If you like this look but aren't a fan of the light, flirty pinks try looking for the dress in black, gray, or brown. One thing you can't ditch is the fabulous fit everything clutch! Not only perfect for this outfit, a large clutch can easily go from day to night!
3. Trendy. If you are not a fashion risk taker, you wouldn't even look twice at this getup! This look is a play on Marc Jacobs mad hatter inspired runway show. Personally, I love it but unless you have some where to go in this outfit, it is not very practical. The sweater is very rich and ornate and the pleated skirt is a great balance, but as I said it isn't for everyone! There is a couple of different ways you can make this outfit a little more every day. 1) Buy the skirt in black and pair it with a solid purple, oversized, long sleeve tshirt or sweater! You can keep the great heels, or switch them out with a flat boot or ballet flat. 2) Or you can buy a similar ornate sweater and pair it with a dark wash denim skinny jean. I would love this shoe with a skinny jean!!! Hello sexy(:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Friends for......

This morning I got into a little tiff with my best friend. It was over something so stupid and insignificant but needless to say it was still a tiff. It wasn't even a serious fight but still it gives me the feeling of "I never new what I had until it was gone!" Thankfully my best friend wasn't gone but I couldn't imagine my life without her! I LOVE YOU HOLLY!! Anyway, my cousins just arrived in town, which actually I am rather happy about. It is nice to have someone around that is my age, and she'll do just about anything. This Easter we were in Florida together and we sang the whole time! Even though we are pretty much the worst singers ever (next to me and holly!) we always have a good time!
I have lost a bunch of super great friendships over super stupid stuff! I would never want anyone else to suffer through what I have been through! I am practically an expert at how to end fights by now. Listen up girls, this is a lessen that you will never be too old for!

1. Let it simmer. After a brutal fight with your bestie give her time to cool off. During a fight a lot of things are said out of anger. Give her at least a couple of hours to cool off, just don't wait to long or feeling will tend to escalade, making making up harder.
2. Evaluate. Evaluate the situation from the outside. Do not only judge your best friends behavior but yours as well. The best way to reflect on your words and hers is by reading prior texts.
3. Be the bigger person! Only apologize when you truly mean it. The bigger person is the one who owns up to their mistakes and approaches the other person with sincerity and honesty. 
4. Be open to compromise. Chances are compromises will need to be made. Relationships are all about giving a little and taking a little. After the situation was cooled discuss with your friend what you need to change and she needs to change. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding!
5. Lastly, don't be needy. If you feel like you have to be a needy friend you two probably aren't true friends. True best friends are few and far between but when you find one hold on to her but not too tight!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ahead of Time!

I wasn't planning on blogging today because I am so exhausted but I figured why not fill the world in how my day was. I started my morning off helping my mom in the kitchen (something I never do!!!) After showering I face timed with my bestie and her adorable niece!!! Made my day. Anyway, this morning when I was picking out my outfit I opted for something plain because last night when I was cleaning my closet I found something amazing! My jelly shoes! They are seriously so whimsical and weird, but I got tons of compliments! I am not usually a shoe girl but these really put a smile on my face!
Anyway, shoes are a big deal this fall and now is the time to buy them! I bought my it pair and I can not wait to wear them. The little oxford is out and the chunky creeper is in! If you are not familiar with the "creeper" it is basically a chunky punk shoe that almost looks like a sneaker meets maryjane. They are very cool and fresh and will look great with jeans and a tshirt or a short flirty dress!
12:00- I love this pair because it is classic! Black is always great for shoes because it goes with everything. The studs add a little edge which keeps the shoe interesting. The buckles are also very unique compared to a lace up!
2:00- This is the pair that I bought! Aside from being so so comfortable they are so cute. I am not a big cheetah girl but I fell in love with them the minute I saw them. It will be fun to mix some print on print, like camo, plaid, or even polka dots.
4:00- Don't get your feet dirty while wearing these white sole shoes! This pair is perfect for the girl who is a little hesitant to take a fashion risk. They don't scream punk and chunky like some of the other options. The color is also great because it is very neutral, and like the black can go with just about anything!
6:00- If you want a statement shoe, this could possibly be your big buy! I love this yellow color mixed with the black woven detail on the top. If you want a creeper that you don't plan on wearing a lot this is perfect because it is a great statement piece ad you can form some fabulous outfits around it!
8:00- This is another classic for me! You can not go wrong with a silver metallic. The great part about this shoe is all you need is a simple outfit with some silver hoops and some silver bracelets. It is important not to take away from the statement shoe!
10:00- For me, this screams punk! Hot pink and black-HELLO! If you like tackling a trend head on this choice is perfect for you! Again, you do not need a busy outfit to pull this shoe off! Just dark wash denim skinnies, and an oversized sweater will make you say hello 80s punk!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eat Your Way to Skinny

Last night I slept over my best friends house and we went to the boardwalk with some friends. If you are looking for a last summer hangout with your friends I would recommend the boardwalk, the beach, or any other super summer activities, save inside hangouts for the winter months! Have fun your last couple of days before you are forced to get back into the swing of school! Anyway, after I left my bestie's house this morning my mom and I had to go help my brother with some sailing cleanup. My mom's good friend complimented on how skinny I looked!!! I secretly thought to myself "YAY my hard work of drinking tons of water and eating less candy has paid off"!!!!
So truthfully I haven't really done any hard work and I am not in great shape, I just happened to be wearing a shirt that was fitted and flattered my shape. Actually, I happen to have some bad eating habits. I often eat when I'm not hungry, and I typically like to eat something every two hours. Some people eat when there nervous, depressed, or bored. Everyone has different eating habits! So, here is my guide to battle through your poor eating habbits!
  1. Pick a Picture. I get inspired by pictures I see on pinterest! If I see a picture of a girl with an ideal body I always screen shot it. When I feel the urge to A) Eat when Im not hungry B) Over eat or C) Only eat candy and dessert items I pull up the picture on my phone to remind myself of the body I want. I suddenly lose my appetite. 
2. Eat offten. Believe it or not eating five small meals a day is more beneficial to your health then eating three large meals a day. Here is one of my typical five meal days. 8:00- Multi Grain Cheerios with sliced strawberries.  10:30- A granola bar or power bar. 12:30 - A grilled chicken sandwich. 3:00- Celery with peanut butter. 6:30- what ever my mom makes for dinner!!!! 8:30- splurge with a little sugar such as ice cream, cookies, or candy. 
3. Calculate. The majority of people in America are not aware of the amount of calories they cosume in a given day. One random day try adding up how many calories you consume. It may be a real eye opener for you! Everyone's recommend calories intake is different depending on many many factors. For many many girls 17 and up the recommend calorie intake is between 1600-2000. Once again it could be different for you!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

You're The One That I want

I just came home from a fair we have in my town every year. It was LAME. I'm not just saying that because I think I'm too cool for it or something...but it was actually lame. It isn't one of those intense state fairs that everyone goes to wear cute cowboy boots and floral sun dresses. The most intense part about our fair is the funnel cake. Yippee!!! Anyway, while I was walking around I realized hey! It's like Grease! That made my night a little bit better!
I learned a lot this week. I learned that you can't let time go by with out spending time with your closest friends and family, I also learned that love sucks and it's impossible to find a happy medium. My playlist this week is a jumble of mixed emotions! I hope you connect to these songs like I do, some are recommendations from good friends and others are old favorites!
1. Grouplove...............Tongue Tied Click to Listen
2.  I Love It...........Icona Pop Click to Listen
3. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.......Luke Bryan Click to Listen
4. Did it on Em......Nicki Minaj Click to Listen
5. Thinking of You.........Katy Perry Click to Listen
6. Drops of Jupiter............Train Click to Listen
7. Some Nights.......Fun. Click to Listen
8. I Want You............Bob Dylan  Click to Listen
9. Im Single...........Lil Wayne Click to Listen
10. You're The One That I Want.......Grease Click to Listen

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Totally Topshop

Do you ever struggle to find the balance between sex appeal and appropriate. When I was in the city the other day touring Parsons, I went shopping a little bit. Topshop is a very interesting store. I get such a good feeling walking in there. Like a pervy teenage boy looking through playboy! If you don't know much about Topshop it is a trend hub. It is a British based store similar to H+M or Zara but with a slightly higher price point. Topshop has a ton of trendy pieces that have ZERO sex appeal like huge sweaters, frumpy retro dresses, and pieces with no shape. Then mixed in with all those pieces are tight fitted mini skirts and plunge blouses. Together these two opposites create a look that is to die for. Well I would die for it!
I am in love with my Top 2 outfits this week. I am not sure what y'all will think about my picks! I am dying to put together full on fall outfits but I need to keep you inspired for this week! These two outfits can be worn now as well as pre fall with a little modification. 
1. My first pick is very girly and cute! I love the dress because it is a classic silhouette that any body shape can wear! Also, the aztec print in a toned down way is a conservative way to wear the trend. The high shoes scream sex appeal which is needed to balance the classic gold accessories. What I really love about this full look is that it can easily go from day to night, not to mention the pieces are extremely reusable for all your late summer/pre fall outfits. Classic gold jewelry is something you can wear all year long, year after year it never goes out.
2. This outfit is definitely for the fashion risk takers that do not care what the boys think! I am in LOVE with this look. Red is a big color for fall and stripes are the number one pattern, so why not put them together or a whimsical look. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! If you want to try a look like this but are not sold on the band camp sweater there are a couple of things you can do. Trade out the sweater with a solid black one and if the shoes are too wonderland for you opt for a solid black flat. You will still have the effect of bold red without the bold details!

Friday, August 10, 2012

50 Shades of Purple

Did anyone else get the awful down poor of ran this morning?! It was brutal. Good thing I wasn't planning on going to the beach today because that so wouldn't have happened! Actually, I had a mini trunk show at a fabulous boutique by my house! It was a very successful day and I was very happy with the reaction to my bags! I noticed this women's fabulous purple nail color and that made me want to drop everything and go get a panicure. Purple is probably my least favorite color but OMG it was so perfect as a nail color! I am not sure if that women was aware or not but purple is one of it not the most popular nail color for fall. Literally every shade of purple will be in, even glittery will be huge!
I am not a scheduled manicure client like some people I know. Actually, I don't get my nails done too often but when I do I always have a problem picking a color! I love everything! So, why not pick your nail polish color based on your skin tone! Your skin tone determines a lot of things so why not let it determine your polish color!

Fair Skinned- Fair skinned women tend to look best with lighter shades with blue undertones. Silver would also be fabuluous. For special occasions fair skinned women can pull off a dramatic shade.

Olive Skinned- Just like with makeup olive skinned women look best with shades of russet and gold. Anything with a warm undertone will play up the olive skin tone, also helping you to look tanner! 

Dark Skinned- The darker your complexion the bolder shades you can pull off. Bright reds and purples are great as well as anything vibrant.

The thing I like about this purple nail polish trend is no matter what skin tone you are there is a shade for you! For my fair skin friends a very matte cool purple will look very trendy for now and fall! For me and all the other olive skins a purple with a little gold shimmer is not just for dress up, it is going to be fabulous with cozy sweaters this fall. For bold dark skins, really any shade will look fabulous but bright true purple will be a head on way to sport this polish trend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boy Benefits

Today I visited Parsons: The New School for design. It was very interesting and I am glad I visited because it was not what I expected. It was very artsy and fine art driven. I will be applying there but I don't know if it is the perfect fit for me, but I did LOVE the area! Anyway, on my tour there were a couple of boys. I loved that. HAHA. Boys at art school are the best, granted the majority of them are gay. But guy friends straight or not are always a fun time. Personally, the older I get the less girl friends I have and the more guy ones I make. 
Have all your boy friendships been ruined for an array of reasons? Are you sick of catty girls and ready for all guy friends? Listen up girls!

1. Never cross the line of friendship to the point of no return. Even if you don't have feelings for him never take advantage of his feelings for you because the situation will not end up pretty.
2. Except the fact that you are not his girlfriend! If your best guy friend is single, great! But when he gets a girlfriend try not to become jealous or annoyed with her. You don't own your friend so chances are you are not the number one girl in his life nor the only girl in his life. 
3. Hang in groups! Don't get me wrong, feel free to hang out with your guy friend one on one but there comes a point that others will perceive it as more then a frienship. Try not to do too many couple activities. Group hangouts are good because guys tend to be better in groups. 
4. Know what to talk about. It is so important that you talk (or text) about things you both have opinions on. If all you talk about is the color of your new nail polish, your guy friend will easily be annoyed. But that doesn't mean you have to talk about "guy" things all the time, there are plenty of neutral conversation topics that are personal for the two of you. (such as music, movies, school projects, current cultural events, future plans, family etc.) 
5. Be comfortable and have fun! Try not to be up tight or play "mom" with your guy friends. It's important to joke around, be yourself, and act is as you would around a best girl friend. Don't be afraid to do stupid embarrassing things. They are your friends aren't they?!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seven Secrets

Today was the first day that it hit me....I"M A SENIOR. Yes, today was school registration. My last high school registration ever. I had some good times at my small private school. I met some great people, learned some cool things, and figured out all the tricks way to get away with anything. All happy memories aside, some things I will not miss. I have had many many days where I was so fed up with a teacher or a rule that I almost went ballistic. One of my most fed up moments was just last year in finance. We were doing a group project and a girl in my group had a Victoria's Secret shopping bag to hold our handouts in. My teacher flipped out and told us to put the bag away. Of course I had to ask why. She replied by saying "we do not promote that store". So of course I say something sassy, "You don't promote underwear?"

It's time to get real about what we are all hiding under our clothes! The truth is a lot of teen girls or even women do not no the essentials as far as undergarments go. People may beg to differ about under garment necessities but I'm a typical teen who does....well teen things. I know the necessities!
1. The T-Shirt Bra is an absolute must. For me it is my everyday bra therefore I own about eight in a variety of colors. I would recommend having at least three t-shirt bra's in classic colors. Black is always good along with nude. Bright, obnoxious t-shirt bra's are hard to deal with if you wear white shirts a lot but feel free to buy one as a "fun bra".  Also, you may want one of these to be a push-up if you prefer to wear a push-up on an every day basis. 
2. The Convertible Bra is a lifesaver! It can work for a strapless dress, a razorback tank, a one shoulder blouse, or any odd shaped top! Again, I recommend a classic color, either a dark or light shade. Personally, I own a black one and a nude one so know matter what I'm wearing I can match. Buying a convertible bra also saves money! Who needs a strapless bra, a razorback, and a halter when you can get all in one!
3. A lil' lace is something every girl needs! Lace panties are great for tight pants or leggings when you don't want to worry about underwear lines. As you can see they come in a variety of styles so you can buy whatever you feel most comfortable in. I also love lace bra's because they tend to look great under chiffon tops or sheer if you want a little peekaboo. Defiantly a little extra sex appeal.
  4. Whether your at the gym everyday or your only activity is walking up the stairs a sports bra is a must item just to have. Personally, having a small bust I am not a huge fan of sports bras but I have learned to like them. Sports bras are good for.... obviously sports, but I love them for a chill out day when I don't feel like wearing a bra. A lot of my friends opt for sports bras for bed. Sports bras are even fun under a flowy tank, again for that peekaboo effect.  
5. There are some super cute, hilarious, and witty pairs of underwear out there that a perfect for everyday wear! I recommend buying a variety of styles to cater to your wardrobe. But more importantly buy a variety of fun colors, prints, and catch phrases to keep life interesting! My friends and I always compare underwear in the locker room at school. When you have fun panties like this you will not be afraid to show them off!
6. Period Panties are something you can never have to much of. I have ruined so many pairs of really cute underwear because of my period. I now have a bunch of panties that I really don't care about so if I were to have a leak, no big! When I'm on my period I prefer a boy short in a dark color (it's all mental). I totally recommend going to TJ Maxx and buying at least 5 pairs of "period panties". Buy something cheap and something you feel comfortable in!
7. Last year I read a book that went into details about wardrobe essentials. Heidi Klum said that the number one mistake women make when buying bras is not buying the matching underwear. It is a proven fact that most women feel sexier, and better about themselves when they wear matching lingerie. It's good to be sexy once in a while but do what makes you feel comfortable!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Be Fair to Your Hair

I just got inside from a late night dip in the pool. Sounded like a great idea when I was putting on my favorite bikini but when I was in the shower drenching my hair in conditioner to get out one big knotty mess I wish I never got in the pool. I did competitive swim three plus days a week, all year around, for nine years of my life, so by now you would think I can get out the trickiest knots. Once I stopped swimming I became a bit of a hair freak. I follow so many rules and do some crazy things to get my hair in top condition. 
So, I know everyone strives for healthy, shiny, strong hair. It took me years but I have finally reached perfection! Here are all my tips and tricks. It is crucial to keep up with all of these rules if you want success fast!
1. Chills. For years I took steaming hot showers, I mean steaming to the point where my skin would be red. About three months ago I started washing my hair with cold water, and it has made all the difference. This doesn't mean you need to take freezing cold showers, just turn the water cold when your rinsing you hair!
2. Deep Condition. If your hair is dry and brittle deep conditioning is a must. I like to deep condition once a week. You can buy deep conditioning condition or just use your normal conditionor. Lather up your hair, mostly the ends, and leave the conditioner in for at least 3 minutes. Then rinse with ice cold water of course!
3. Hold the Heat. Unfortunately, I have blow dried my hair everyday before school since kindergarden. That is a lot of heat for a lot of years. Now I try to cut down my blowdrying by only drying my bangs. Even then I ALWAYS use a cool setting. Heat kills hair! The only thing worst then the blowdryer is the straightener and curler! Please only use extreme heat products for special occasions!
4. Knotty No More. I have discovered the best way to swim is with a braid. Not a bun, not a ponytail, not down....a braid! Braids prevent knots and damage in the pool. The tighter the braid the better! No need for anything fancy. A classic braid or french braid will do the trick!
5. Comb Down. The most important thing I have ever learned is to only comb your hair when it's wet! A wide tooth comb will easily detangle your hair when it's wet. Start from the bottom three inches and work in more hair. Only brush your hair when it is 100% dry. Brushing your hair when it is wet is THE number one cause of breakage. 
6. NOM NOM NOM. I'm a strong believer of eating your way to success. There are tons of foods that stimulate hair growth and increase shininess! Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely good for your hair and body, they turn dull hair into thick and lush locks. I have found the best munchies for hair are salmon, spinach, broccoli, almonds, brazil nuts, chicken, eggs, oysters, whole grains, yogurt, skim milk, and carrots. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

TV, Tunes, and Tea Cups

Theres nothing like sleeping when it's raining out. The pitter patter is a perfect rhythm to fall asleep to......or watch Awkward. Me and my bestest friend Holly, are obsessed with this show. Today I kicked my feet up, sipped some hot green tea and watched Awkward. It is a great show to watch to relieve stress because its comical and the drama keeps you hooked. Watch it on MTV on Thursdays at 10:30...if you go to bed super early like me don't bother staying up! It is on almost everyday during the day!
The beginning of this week I was feeling bad for myself, so my playlist is...interesting and calming. I have realized that feeling bad for myself gets me no where and I need to really pound the pavement if I want to get somewhere in life..enjoy. Don't forget watch AWKWARD.!!!
   1.  Landslide........Fleetwood Mac CLICK TO LISTEN
2. Drive By.............Train CLICK TO LISTEN
3. Laughed Until We Cried.......Jason Aldean CLICK TO LISTEN
4. Instant Karma.......John Lennon CLICK TO LISTEN
5. Life's Been Good to Me.......The Eagles CLICK TO LISTEN
6. Sixteen Going on Seventeen........The Sound of Music CLICK TO LISTEN
7. You Can't Always Get What You Want....The Rolling Stones CLICK TO LISTEN
8. Blackbird...........The Beatles CLICK TO LISTEN
9. My Sweet Lord..........George Harrison CLICK TO LISTEN
10. Come Sail Away....Styx CLICK TO LISTEN

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Holy Bible

Yesterday my Holy Bible arrived in the mail...THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE OF TEEN VOGUE. When I saw it I screamed. If you aren't aware, September is the January of fashion. It's all about new, fresh ideas that will carry us through not only the fall but the entire year. So, if you do not receive Vogue or Teen Vogue in the mail you better go out and by yourself a copy because it will be your Bible of the season.
Although I am ready to dress in full fall, it is still a few weeks too early for me to tell you my top fall picks. So for your two outfits of the week..........drum roll please!
This is a really great transition outfit because it can easily be for right now and easily carry you into the fall. There is a huge ornate, gold theme for the fall and this is a little preview! I am not a huge fan of the ornate brocades but this is extremely toned down and fun. The hot pink adds a flirty aspect and the retro shades and classic handbag keep the look professional. If you want to be on top for fall wear this trend now!
Now that I have pink hair I feel like I can pull off a super edgy look like this! I love the balance between distressed and clean cut with the cropped Pink Floyd tee and the hot pink blazer. Mixing of prints was huge this Spring/Summer and we can carry it through for prefall in a toned down way. The camo shorts and cheetah oxford flats are a great pattern mix and a fabulous contrast with the blazer. Even the accessories compliment each other. The retro large frame glasses tone down the edgy gold cross and skulls.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Talking Lips

I forgot how hot it is outside. I never really go outside during the day much, because I am always sewing. Before I had my job running my own business I was a Beach Badge Checker. Sounds intense, right? Not so much. Beach Badge Checking did help me grow as a person because it was all about people interaction. Not just hi hi, but actually communicating with rude and impolite people. After listening to countless old folks boring stories and moms making excuses why they don't have their badges I learned to be a great conversationalist. 
Being a great conversationalist will get you through every life situation. Awkward moments, interviews, romantic moments, school speeches, and anything else that requires talking. It doesn't happen over night but with a little motivation you will be talking like a pro.
1. Ask questions and listen. A good conversation is not a one way one. It is important to ask questions about the other person, the more personal the better. Also, know when to comment and when to be quite. When some one is on a rant comment "yes" or "mhm" or "oh wow" occasionally but do not cut them off. Listening is key.
2. Be confident. People tend to feel better when around confident, yet approachable people. Try not to be shy or timid. Also don't be so confident to the point that it comes off as cocky. Just make the other person feel comfortable.
3. Be funny. There is no need to always be uptight and serious. When the time is appropriate feel free to make a bold, humorous comment, again avoid anything offensive. Usually a short, funny story will make the conversation flow. Also, be sure to laugh at the other person's story. Even if you have heard it before!!!!!
4. Speak clearly. Some people end to whisper, mumble, or stutter when talking with another person. The best way to avoid this happening is by keeping your sentences short and to the point. Use words you are comfortable with and that make sense. 
5. Stop. Know when to end a conversation. Most people have a good sense of when a conversation is dying. The best way to end a conversation is by saying one of the following: Well, it was great catching up with you!....Anyway, I will be in touch!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

School Cool

Today I spent my day slaving away in my sewing room. When I finally left my sweat shop to get ready for the day, I looked at the calendar. I cannot believe it is already August first! Some of you Southerners and college students are heading back to school and others of us are in full swing summer mode! Today I was feeling anxious to get back to school, so I ordered my backpack! I am not telling anyone what it is! I am also adding some embellishments to it. (I will post photos the first day of school). Adding embellishments to your backpack and school supplies is a great way to make your items unique and sentimental.
Picking out a backpack is a big decision! Some girls opt for a tote or a large purse but I am a huge fan of a traditional backpack. Here are some of my favorites for this year! (Mine is not one of them!)
From Left to Right: $68, Roots $58, Topshop $68, Billabong $54, Madewell $55, ASOS $32

Now, for the fun part! I still use a lunch box. Maybe some of you do to! And even if you do not these adorable lunch boxes will make you want one! Also, they don't need to match your backpack! Mixing and matching is fabulous!

From Left to Right: Topshop $9.95, Gap $18, Juicy Couture $78, Beatrix NY $60