Friday, August 10, 2012

50 Shades of Purple

Did anyone else get the awful down poor of ran this morning?! It was brutal. Good thing I wasn't planning on going to the beach today because that so wouldn't have happened! Actually, I had a mini trunk show at a fabulous boutique by my house! It was a very successful day and I was very happy with the reaction to my bags! I noticed this women's fabulous purple nail color and that made me want to drop everything and go get a panicure. Purple is probably my least favorite color but OMG it was so perfect as a nail color! I am not sure if that women was aware or not but purple is one of it not the most popular nail color for fall. Literally every shade of purple will be in, even glittery will be huge!
I am not a scheduled manicure client like some people I know. Actually, I don't get my nails done too often but when I do I always have a problem picking a color! I love everything! So, why not pick your nail polish color based on your skin tone! Your skin tone determines a lot of things so why not let it determine your polish color!

Fair Skinned- Fair skinned women tend to look best with lighter shades with blue undertones. Silver would also be fabuluous. For special occasions fair skinned women can pull off a dramatic shade.

Olive Skinned- Just like with makeup olive skinned women look best with shades of russet and gold. Anything with a warm undertone will play up the olive skin tone, also helping you to look tanner! 

Dark Skinned- The darker your complexion the bolder shades you can pull off. Bright reds and purples are great as well as anything vibrant.

The thing I like about this purple nail polish trend is no matter what skin tone you are there is a shade for you! For my fair skin friends a very matte cool purple will look very trendy for now and fall! For me and all the other olive skins a purple with a little gold shimmer is not just for dress up, it is going to be fabulous with cozy sweaters this fall. For bold dark skins, really any shade will look fabulous but bright true purple will be a head on way to sport this polish trend!

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