Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ahead of Time!

I wasn't planning on blogging today because I am so exhausted but I figured why not fill the world in how my day was. I started my morning off helping my mom in the kitchen (something I never do!!!) After showering I face timed with my bestie and her adorable niece!!! Made my day. Anyway, this morning when I was picking out my outfit I opted for something plain because last night when I was cleaning my closet I found something amazing! My jelly shoes! They are seriously so whimsical and weird, but I got tons of compliments! I am not usually a shoe girl but these really put a smile on my face!
Anyway, shoes are a big deal this fall and now is the time to buy them! I bought my it pair and I can not wait to wear them. The little oxford is out and the chunky creeper is in! If you are not familiar with the "creeper" it is basically a chunky punk shoe that almost looks like a sneaker meets maryjane. They are very cool and fresh and will look great with jeans and a tshirt or a short flirty dress!
12:00- I love this pair because it is classic! Black is always great for shoes because it goes with everything. The studs add a little edge which keeps the shoe interesting. The buckles are also very unique compared to a lace up!
2:00- This is the pair that I bought! Aside from being so so comfortable they are so cute. I am not a big cheetah girl but I fell in love with them the minute I saw them. It will be fun to mix some print on print, like camo, plaid, or even polka dots.
4:00- Don't get your feet dirty while wearing these white sole shoes! This pair is perfect for the girl who is a little hesitant to take a fashion risk. They don't scream punk and chunky like some of the other options. The color is also great because it is very neutral, and like the black can go with just about anything!
6:00- If you want a statement shoe, this could possibly be your big buy! I love this yellow color mixed with the black woven detail on the top. If you want a creeper that you don't plan on wearing a lot this is perfect because it is a great statement piece ad you can form some fabulous outfits around it!
8:00- This is another classic for me! You can not go wrong with a silver metallic. The great part about this shoe is all you need is a simple outfit with some silver hoops and some silver bracelets. It is important not to take away from the statement shoe!
10:00- For me, this screams punk! Hot pink and black-HELLO! If you like tackling a trend head on this choice is perfect for you! Again, you do not need a busy outfit to pull this shoe off! Just dark wash denim skinnies, and an oversized sweater will make you say hello 80s punk!

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