Monday, August 6, 2012

Be Fair to Your Hair

I just got inside from a late night dip in the pool. Sounded like a great idea when I was putting on my favorite bikini but when I was in the shower drenching my hair in conditioner to get out one big knotty mess I wish I never got in the pool. I did competitive swim three plus days a week, all year around, for nine years of my life, so by now you would think I can get out the trickiest knots. Once I stopped swimming I became a bit of a hair freak. I follow so many rules and do some crazy things to get my hair in top condition. 
So, I know everyone strives for healthy, shiny, strong hair. It took me years but I have finally reached perfection! Here are all my tips and tricks. It is crucial to keep up with all of these rules if you want success fast!
1. Chills. For years I took steaming hot showers, I mean steaming to the point where my skin would be red. About three months ago I started washing my hair with cold water, and it has made all the difference. This doesn't mean you need to take freezing cold showers, just turn the water cold when your rinsing you hair!
2. Deep Condition. If your hair is dry and brittle deep conditioning is a must. I like to deep condition once a week. You can buy deep conditioning condition or just use your normal conditionor. Lather up your hair, mostly the ends, and leave the conditioner in for at least 3 minutes. Then rinse with ice cold water of course!
3. Hold the Heat. Unfortunately, I have blow dried my hair everyday before school since kindergarden. That is a lot of heat for a lot of years. Now I try to cut down my blowdrying by only drying my bangs. Even then I ALWAYS use a cool setting. Heat kills hair! The only thing worst then the blowdryer is the straightener and curler! Please only use extreme heat products for special occasions!
4. Knotty No More. I have discovered the best way to swim is with a braid. Not a bun, not a ponytail, not down....a braid! Braids prevent knots and damage in the pool. The tighter the braid the better! No need for anything fancy. A classic braid or french braid will do the trick!
5. Comb Down. The most important thing I have ever learned is to only comb your hair when it's wet! A wide tooth comb will easily detangle your hair when it's wet. Start from the bottom three inches and work in more hair. Only brush your hair when it is 100% dry. Brushing your hair when it is wet is THE number one cause of breakage. 
6. NOM NOM NOM. I'm a strong believer of eating your way to success. There are tons of foods that stimulate hair growth and increase shininess! Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely good for your hair and body, they turn dull hair into thick and lush locks. I have found the best munchies for hair are salmon, spinach, broccoli, almonds, brazil nuts, chicken, eggs, oysters, whole grains, yogurt, skim milk, and carrots. 

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