Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Friends for......

This morning I got into a little tiff with my best friend. It was over something so stupid and insignificant but needless to say it was still a tiff. It wasn't even a serious fight but still it gives me the feeling of "I never new what I had until it was gone!" Thankfully my best friend wasn't gone but I couldn't imagine my life without her! I LOVE YOU HOLLY!! Anyway, my cousins just arrived in town, which actually I am rather happy about. It is nice to have someone around that is my age, and she'll do just about anything. This Easter we were in Florida together and we sang the whole time! Even though we are pretty much the worst singers ever (next to me and holly!) we always have a good time!
I have lost a bunch of super great friendships over super stupid stuff! I would never want anyone else to suffer through what I have been through! I am practically an expert at how to end fights by now. Listen up girls, this is a lessen that you will never be too old for!

1. Let it simmer. After a brutal fight with your bestie give her time to cool off. During a fight a lot of things are said out of anger. Give her at least a couple of hours to cool off, just don't wait to long or feeling will tend to escalade, making making up harder.
2. Evaluate. Evaluate the situation from the outside. Do not only judge your best friends behavior but yours as well. The best way to reflect on your words and hers is by reading prior texts.
3. Be the bigger person! Only apologize when you truly mean it. The bigger person is the one who owns up to their mistakes and approaches the other person with sincerity and honesty. 
4. Be open to compromise. Chances are compromises will need to be made. Relationships are all about giving a little and taking a little. After the situation was cooled discuss with your friend what you need to change and she needs to change. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding!
5. Lastly, don't be needy. If you feel like you have to be a needy friend you two probably aren't true friends. True best friends are few and far between but when you find one hold on to her but not too tight!

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