Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boy Benefits

Today I visited Parsons: The New School for design. It was very interesting and I am glad I visited because it was not what I expected. It was very artsy and fine art driven. I will be applying there but I don't know if it is the perfect fit for me, but I did LOVE the area! Anyway, on my tour there were a couple of boys. I loved that. HAHA. Boys at art school are the best, granted the majority of them are gay. But guy friends straight or not are always a fun time. Personally, the older I get the less girl friends I have and the more guy ones I make. 
Have all your boy friendships been ruined for an array of reasons? Are you sick of catty girls and ready for all guy friends? Listen up girls!

1. Never cross the line of friendship to the point of no return. Even if you don't have feelings for him never take advantage of his feelings for you because the situation will not end up pretty.
2. Except the fact that you are not his girlfriend! If your best guy friend is single, great! But when he gets a girlfriend try not to become jealous or annoyed with her. You don't own your friend so chances are you are not the number one girl in his life nor the only girl in his life. 
3. Hang in groups! Don't get me wrong, feel free to hang out with your guy friend one on one but there comes a point that others will perceive it as more then a frienship. Try not to do too many couple activities. Group hangouts are good because guys tend to be better in groups. 
4. Know what to talk about. It is so important that you talk (or text) about things you both have opinions on. If all you talk about is the color of your new nail polish, your guy friend will easily be annoyed. But that doesn't mean you have to talk about "guy" things all the time, there are plenty of neutral conversation topics that are personal for the two of you. (such as music, movies, school projects, current cultural events, future plans, family etc.) 
5. Be comfortable and have fun! Try not to be up tight or play "mom" with your guy friends. It's important to joke around, be yourself, and act is as you would around a best girl friend. Don't be afraid to do stupid embarrassing things. They are your friends aren't they?!

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