Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eat Your Way to Skinny

Last night I slept over my best friends house and we went to the boardwalk with some friends. If you are looking for a last summer hangout with your friends I would recommend the boardwalk, the beach, or any other super summer activities, save inside hangouts for the winter months! Have fun your last couple of days before you are forced to get back into the swing of school! Anyway, after I left my bestie's house this morning my mom and I had to go help my brother with some sailing cleanup. My mom's good friend complimented on how skinny I looked!!! I secretly thought to myself "YAY my hard work of drinking tons of water and eating less candy has paid off"!!!!
So truthfully I haven't really done any hard work and I am not in great shape, I just happened to be wearing a shirt that was fitted and flattered my shape. Actually, I happen to have some bad eating habits. I often eat when I'm not hungry, and I typically like to eat something every two hours. Some people eat when there nervous, depressed, or bored. Everyone has different eating habits! So, here is my guide to battle through your poor eating habbits!
  1. Pick a Picture. I get inspired by pictures I see on pinterest! If I see a picture of a girl with an ideal body I always screen shot it. When I feel the urge to A) Eat when Im not hungry B) Over eat or C) Only eat candy and dessert items I pull up the picture on my phone to remind myself of the body I want. I suddenly lose my appetite. 
2. Eat offten. Believe it or not eating five small meals a day is more beneficial to your health then eating three large meals a day. Here is one of my typical five meal days. 8:00- Multi Grain Cheerios with sliced strawberries.  10:30- A granola bar or power bar. 12:30 - A grilled chicken sandwich. 3:00- Celery with peanut butter. 6:30- what ever my mom makes for dinner!!!! 8:30- splurge with a little sugar such as ice cream, cookies, or candy. 
3. Calculate. The majority of people in America are not aware of the amount of calories they cosume in a given day. One random day try adding up how many calories you consume. It may be a real eye opener for you! Everyone's recommend calories intake is different depending on many many factors. For many many girls 17 and up the recommend calorie intake is between 1600-2000. Once again it could be different for you!

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