Wednesday, August 1, 2012

School Cool

Today I spent my day slaving away in my sewing room. When I finally left my sweat shop to get ready for the day, I looked at the calendar. I cannot believe it is already August first! Some of you Southerners and college students are heading back to school and others of us are in full swing summer mode! Today I was feeling anxious to get back to school, so I ordered my backpack! I am not telling anyone what it is! I am also adding some embellishments to it. (I will post photos the first day of school). Adding embellishments to your backpack and school supplies is a great way to make your items unique and sentimental.
Picking out a backpack is a big decision! Some girls opt for a tote or a large purse but I am a huge fan of a traditional backpack. Here are some of my favorites for this year! (Mine is not one of them!)
From Left to Right: $68, Roots $58, Topshop $68, Billabong $54, Madewell $55, ASOS $32

Now, for the fun part! I still use a lunch box. Maybe some of you do to! And even if you do not these adorable lunch boxes will make you want one! Also, they don't need to match your backpack! Mixing and matching is fabulous!

From Left to Right: Topshop $9.95, Gap $18, Juicy Couture $78, Beatrix NY $60

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