Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seven Secrets

Today was the first day that it hit me....I"M A SENIOR. Yes, today was school registration. My last high school registration ever. I had some good times at my small private school. I met some great people, learned some cool things, and figured out all the tricks way to get away with anything. All happy memories aside, some things I will not miss. I have had many many days where I was so fed up with a teacher or a rule that I almost went ballistic. One of my most fed up moments was just last year in finance. We were doing a group project and a girl in my group had a Victoria's Secret shopping bag to hold our handouts in. My teacher flipped out and told us to put the bag away. Of course I had to ask why. She replied by saying "we do not promote that store". So of course I say something sassy, "You don't promote underwear?"

It's time to get real about what we are all hiding under our clothes! The truth is a lot of teen girls or even women do not no the essentials as far as undergarments go. People may beg to differ about under garment necessities but I'm a typical teen who does....well teen things. I know the necessities!
1. The T-Shirt Bra is an absolute must. For me it is my everyday bra therefore I own about eight in a variety of colors. I would recommend having at least three t-shirt bra's in classic colors. Black is always good along with nude. Bright, obnoxious t-shirt bra's are hard to deal with if you wear white shirts a lot but feel free to buy one as a "fun bra".  Also, you may want one of these to be a push-up if you prefer to wear a push-up on an every day basis. 
2. The Convertible Bra is a lifesaver! It can work for a strapless dress, a razorback tank, a one shoulder blouse, or any odd shaped top! Again, I recommend a classic color, either a dark or light shade. Personally, I own a black one and a nude one so know matter what I'm wearing I can match. Buying a convertible bra also saves money! Who needs a strapless bra, a razorback, and a halter when you can get all in one!
3. A lil' lace is something every girl needs! Lace panties are great for tight pants or leggings when you don't want to worry about underwear lines. As you can see they come in a variety of styles so you can buy whatever you feel most comfortable in. I also love lace bra's because they tend to look great under chiffon tops or sheer if you want a little peekaboo. Defiantly a little extra sex appeal.
  4. Whether your at the gym everyday or your only activity is walking up the stairs a sports bra is a must item just to have. Personally, having a small bust I am not a huge fan of sports bras but I have learned to like them. Sports bras are good for.... obviously sports, but I love them for a chill out day when I don't feel like wearing a bra. A lot of my friends opt for sports bras for bed. Sports bras are even fun under a flowy tank, again for that peekaboo effect.  
5. There are some super cute, hilarious, and witty pairs of underwear out there that a perfect for everyday wear! I recommend buying a variety of styles to cater to your wardrobe. But more importantly buy a variety of fun colors, prints, and catch phrases to keep life interesting! My friends and I always compare underwear in the locker room at school. When you have fun panties like this you will not be afraid to show them off!
6. Period Panties are something you can never have to much of. I have ruined so many pairs of really cute underwear because of my period. I now have a bunch of panties that I really don't care about so if I were to have a leak, no big! When I'm on my period I prefer a boy short in a dark color (it's all mental). I totally recommend going to TJ Maxx and buying at least 5 pairs of "period panties". Buy something cheap and something you feel comfortable in!
7. Last year I read a book that went into details about wardrobe essentials. Heidi Klum said that the number one mistake women make when buying bras is not buying the matching underwear. It is a proven fact that most women feel sexier, and better about themselves when they wear matching lingerie. It's good to be sexy once in a while but do what makes you feel comfortable!

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