Thursday, August 2, 2012

Talking Lips

I forgot how hot it is outside. I never really go outside during the day much, because I am always sewing. Before I had my job running my own business I was a Beach Badge Checker. Sounds intense, right? Not so much. Beach Badge Checking did help me grow as a person because it was all about people interaction. Not just hi hi, but actually communicating with rude and impolite people. After listening to countless old folks boring stories and moms making excuses why they don't have their badges I learned to be a great conversationalist. 
Being a great conversationalist will get you through every life situation. Awkward moments, interviews, romantic moments, school speeches, and anything else that requires talking. It doesn't happen over night but with a little motivation you will be talking like a pro.
1. Ask questions and listen. A good conversation is not a one way one. It is important to ask questions about the other person, the more personal the better. Also, know when to comment and when to be quite. When some one is on a rant comment "yes" or "mhm" or "oh wow" occasionally but do not cut them off. Listening is key.
2. Be confident. People tend to feel better when around confident, yet approachable people. Try not to be shy or timid. Also don't be so confident to the point that it comes off as cocky. Just make the other person feel comfortable.
3. Be funny. There is no need to always be uptight and serious. When the time is appropriate feel free to make a bold, humorous comment, again avoid anything offensive. Usually a short, funny story will make the conversation flow. Also, be sure to laugh at the other person's story. Even if you have heard it before!!!!!
4. Speak clearly. Some people end to whisper, mumble, or stutter when talking with another person. The best way to avoid this happening is by keeping your sentences short and to the point. Use words you are comfortable with and that make sense. 
5. Stop. Know when to end a conversation. Most people have a good sense of when a conversation is dying. The best way to end a conversation is by saying one of the following: Well, it was great catching up with you!....Anyway, I will be in touch!

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