Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Best Issue Yet

Today THE OFFICIAL Fashion Bible has arrived- THE September Issue! 916 pages of pure fabulous fashion! I have yet to look through it but I already know it is amazing! The beautiful yet very strange Lady Gaga is on the cover, looking very thin. Anyway, I am not gonna bore you with my day. (except I did buy a super cute vintage sweater!!! Just wait, pictures will be coming your way soon!) So because it is a very special week (because of the September issue!) I do not have two outfits for you- I HAVE THREE!!!!
This hair is just super great! Anyway, I have three looks for you- edgy, girly, and trendy. Each are very unique, but they are all very in for the fall. I recommend that you can take aspects from each look to shape your fall wardrobe. 
1. Edgy. This hardcore outfit is the perfect mix of boy and girl to form a trendy look. The shoes, backpack, and camouflage jacket give off a very military, masculine vibe while the beaded blouse and pearl jewelry scream girly girl. The shorts pull the two opposites together! This outfit can easily transition into winter but switching out the shorts with some jeans or leggings. Makeup for this look is a clean face and lip with some black eye makeup (light or heavy depending how risky you are). If you would like to dress down the look a bit try a fitted white tshirt and some solid flats. 

2. Girly. This short twenties style, glitzy dress screams sexy! The shoes give the outfit an unexpected pop, that can easily be switch out with something classic like a nude heel. The shape of this dress is fitting for just about any body type, especially if you want to show off those sexy legs! If you like this look but aren't a fan of the light, flirty pinks try looking for the dress in black, gray, or brown. One thing you can't ditch is the fabulous fit everything clutch! Not only perfect for this outfit, a large clutch can easily go from day to night!
3. Trendy. If you are not a fashion risk taker, you wouldn't even look twice at this getup! This look is a play on Marc Jacobs mad hatter inspired runway show. Personally, I love it but unless you have some where to go in this outfit, it is not very practical. The sweater is very rich and ornate and the pleated skirt is a great balance, but as I said it isn't for everyone! There is a couple of different ways you can make this outfit a little more every day. 1) Buy the skirt in black and pair it with a solid purple, oversized, long sleeve tshirt or sweater! You can keep the great heels, or switch them out with a flat boot or ballet flat. 2) Or you can buy a similar ornate sweater and pair it with a dark wash denim skinny jean. I would love this shoe with a skinny jean!!! Hello sexy(:

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