Saturday, August 11, 2012

Totally Topshop

Do you ever struggle to find the balance between sex appeal and appropriate. When I was in the city the other day touring Parsons, I went shopping a little bit. Topshop is a very interesting store. I get such a good feeling walking in there. Like a pervy teenage boy looking through playboy! If you don't know much about Topshop it is a trend hub. It is a British based store similar to H+M or Zara but with a slightly higher price point. Topshop has a ton of trendy pieces that have ZERO sex appeal like huge sweaters, frumpy retro dresses, and pieces with no shape. Then mixed in with all those pieces are tight fitted mini skirts and plunge blouses. Together these two opposites create a look that is to die for. Well I would die for it!
I am in love with my Top 2 outfits this week. I am not sure what y'all will think about my picks! I am dying to put together full on fall outfits but I need to keep you inspired for this week! These two outfits can be worn now as well as pre fall with a little modification. 
1. My first pick is very girly and cute! I love the dress because it is a classic silhouette that any body shape can wear! Also, the aztec print in a toned down way is a conservative way to wear the trend. The high shoes scream sex appeal which is needed to balance the classic gold accessories. What I really love about this full look is that it can easily go from day to night, not to mention the pieces are extremely reusable for all your late summer/pre fall outfits. Classic gold jewelry is something you can wear all year long, year after year it never goes out.
2. This outfit is definitely for the fashion risk takers that do not care what the boys think! I am in LOVE with this look. Red is a big color for fall and stripes are the number one pattern, so why not put them together or a whimsical look. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! If you want to try a look like this but are not sold on the band camp sweater there are a couple of things you can do. Trade out the sweater with a solid black one and if the shoes are too wonderland for you opt for a solid black flat. You will still have the effect of bold red without the bold details!

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