Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dashing It Up

hello world! Sorry I have been MIA for the last few days. I was on my school biology trip which was actually really fun! Aside from rolling around in the mud (literally) we did have some fun joking around time. We played camp! (I know we are so weird) We called our camp Camp Have Fun and we even made a song and dance. My friend Toyo was head counselor and we all had other jobs! Isn't imagination great for the mind! Along with camp have fun we also had a little fun photo shoot- Kardashian Style! My friend Devin and I have a slight obsession with the Dash girls. So of course we follow them on instagram and anyone who follows Kim knows the Kim face! So, while drinking our morning, midday, and night coffee (french vanilla & hazel nut. yes three times a day) we posed like Kim (Devin) and Kourtney (moi) seductively stirring our coffee. Enjoy xoxo
Kourtney and Kim seductively stirring!
The face never gets old!
Camp Have Fun sipping there frappes!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Breaking Record Heights

Hello Everyone! It is a great feeling to be home. Although I did dread getting up this morning, once I got to school I was actually happy to be there. My day was rather dull, but a good dull. I just finished up with my homework, ya no the typical boring stuff, but I am about to do my reading for advanced LIT. We are reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. Shockingly enough I am actually really enjoying the book. The beginning part was a bit confusing but after pushing through the beginning I am truly enjoying it. Of course the novel takes place in the fascinating time of the 1800s, so I am sure you can guess exactly what I am thinking about when reading- clothes. I am not a huge fan of the time period but come on how can you not think about clothes while you are reading anything?! For once in my life I feel inspired by the era. Here is MY twist on super old fashion, back in the day, prim and proper days. Enjoy my day dreams!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shinning Star

Good morning sunshines! Sorry it is so early I didn't get a chance to blog last night. This morning I had the brilliant idea to blog from my phone so I can share all my fabulous pictures.
Last night my friend Blythe had THE cutest outfit on, I wanted to steal it. She was wearing an off white chunky knit (sort of cropped) sweater that had a very large, whimsical, black (or navy) star on it. And if that was not enough she had on BEAUTIFUL green jeans. Like a dark emerald shade. I am seriously jealous. I hope my outfit for next Sunday (MY FIRST FIT CLASS OF THE SEMESTER!!!!) is that trendy yet classic.
Here are some pictures from the weekend. Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ballon Obsession

I am dying to do a balloon photo shoot!

Clutching It

I have finally realized that technology is really not that great. After updating my phone with the new IOS 6 my icloud is extremely messed up. Things like this make me realized truly how obsessed I am with technology, and it is pretty pathetic. I wish I could live in the 60s when life was so simple and relaxed. And if my day couldn't get any worst this morning when I was zippering up my duffle bag the bottom of my blouse got caught by the zipper! It made a huge hole. All I can say is thank God I got the shirt at TJ MAXX. But THE worst part about my day was that my Holga phone case broke. North Carolina sounds like a blast, right? Well on the bright side the town we are staying in has some super cute little crafty boutiques so hopefully I can walk around there later! Unfortunately, because of my icloud being messed up, I can not post pictures of my fabulous outfit today!
Anyway, enough of my complaining. Let us discuss this fabulous Anya Hindmarch satchel! I must admit until I saw this fabulous satchel I didn't know who she was but after researching her I fell in love with her. Here is a link to her site . If you like anything classic with a fun twist you will fall in love with her!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plan Ahead

Hola Everyone! Tomorrow I am leaving for North Carolina because my brother will be sailing in a National event. What that means for me is four days of fabulous outfits! Tonight I am trying to work ahead on all my homework for the rest of eternity because once I get back from NC I am busy busy busy! Relax Allison Relax. The only way for me to stay relaxed when I am oh so busy is to be super organized. I not only have a hard copy planner but a virtual one as well that is set up with icloud for my phone and laptop. It is the only way to live.
Here are my original tips to having the best hard copy day planner one could ask for!
1. Pick a planner! Ask yourself these questions- what size planner will work for me? (does it need to fir in a purse or are you using a backpack that warrants a larger size) do you need pockets? do you need small or large boxes for each day? After you answer these questions pick out a planner that appeals to you, after all you will be looking at it all day long. Lastly, choose one that is sturdy and will hold up through your chaotic life.
2. Write away! The minute you have a school assignment right it down in two places. 1) the due date and 2) a reminder (either the day before or how ever much time you need to leave yourself). Also write in dates when you have appointments, meetings, or any prior commitments.
3. Color Coordinate! Don't be afraid to use colored sticky notes or colored pens to remind you something! For example use red for all due dates and yellow for due dates approaching. Set up a system and use it consistently.
4. Make notes! In my planner I have a small section on each pages that says NOTES. Sometimes I make note of longterm projects or tests. Other times I use the notes section to write down a website I need for a class. But my favorite thing to do with my note section is write myself weekly goals and motivations.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Date Bait

I have become extremely lazy as of Friday. I need to get back on track ASAP  or this is going to be a long year. I don't get THAT much homework, but the work I do get I take forever to do because I take a break every 30 seconds. But I do have some relaxing classes like Advanced Lit. Today we made my teacher a pinterest. I came up with her Bio, it says "I like books. End of story." BAHAHAH get it? I'm so witty. Anyway, today I was asked for advice about what to wear for a date. Reality is most girls don't no what to wear for a date. You want to be sexy but not to revealing, bold but not obnoxious, normal but not ordinary. So listen up girls! Time to learn a life lesson!
This outfit is the perfect first date outfit. It is cute and flirty with out being like "everyone look at me!" Leggings work for this look because the top is a little oversized and covered up. Accessories are simple but not ordinary which is exactly what every girl needs! I can see this working as a movie date, dinner date, or just hanging out. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Breaking News

BIG NEWS! I have created a super easy way for all my readers to follow me and stay updated with my posts! On the right hand side of the screen where it says blog archive scroll down past "about me" and right below it there is a pretty blue button that says follow this site. Click it and follow the directions! AND below that you can enter your email address for updates every time I blog. I hope this helps! Thank you for all your support!
Now for some fun chatting. Today my grandmother came to town.....hmm. Let me just say she is not my favorite person in the world, but I am not even going to get into that. Anyway, she brought me a FABULOUS faux fur little coat from INC. I tried it on and it was so me- obnoxious and glamourous. Because I am so excited to wear it, below is a fabulous outfit I am picturing in my head. It is a must have for the winter!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glam Event

Hola! The weather today was absolutely perfect. September is absolutely perfect and I really don't want it to end. Coming up very very soon is my Biology 2 class trip! It should be interesting because it is not exactly a glam event. My teacher keeps jabbering about the clothes we need- old jeans &T-shirts we don't care about. This morning I started to set some clothes aside. Well, I like to push the envelope a little bit...just a little bit. Because I don't have any jeans I don't care about. I will be wearing leggings under an athletic short (I have a pink & green pair, navy blue and pink, teal and purple, and black) and a T-shirt. And the best dressed award goes to-MOI!

Forget about me! Who watched fashion police last night? We need to chat about Kristen Stewart. She looked absolutely stunning. I wish I could pull of a dress so conservative and look so sexy. The awkward length of the dress would be perfect for my school- right to the bend in the back of the knee! Nothing about this says awkward at all. The hair, the makeup, the shoes = sex appeal. She has really never looked so good!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Addict Status

I have an obsession. It is not exactly an addiction but it feels like one. I am obsessed with my hair! Not like- AH my hair is so fabulous, I'm so gorgeous, but like I research ways to enhance hair quality, length, shininess etc. I am a pinterest addict so naturally I spend hours looking out the hair and beauty category on pinterest. I found the best remedy for shiny, healthy, and fast growing hair. I tried it on Sunday and the results are excellent! I hate to give out the secret because then everyone else will have beautiful hair! But I am not the inventor of it I am only a pretty wannabe! Here it is! You have to try it out!!!

Mix the following in a bowl:
2 Egg Yolks
1 Tbs of Olive Oil
1/2 Cup Water

Brush your hair to remove ALL knots and tangles. Now get in the shower and wet your hair. Turn the water off and apply the mixture to your hair (I used a thick paint brush so I could control the mixture better) Now let it soak in your hair for 15 minutes. (I soaked in the bath for 15 minutes which was great, except a lot of the mixture dripped into the tub making my skin feel like olive oil for the rest of the day. )When 15 minutes are up get back in the shower and rinse the mixture out. Then wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove all scalp residue. Lastly, condition like normal and enjoy your  fabulous hair. You will no longer be a pretty plastic wannabe!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Itty Bitty Piggy

It's only 8:39 and I am so exhausted!! What a long day of school it was! I am so glad i have such great, entertaining friends to get me through the day. My bladder also keeps me pretty awake during school because I have to pee EVERY class! Anyway, I wanted to talk about TV. Yes, TV. I haven't really watched too much TV in the past few months but there are a couple shows I watch avidly. If you are looking for a good laugh you HAVE to watch Here Comes Honey BOO BOO tonight at 10:00. All I can say is wow. It is so mean because the whole entire world is laughing at them, but what can I say their ways are hilarious. The pig is so darn cute! (Now you are going to think I'm very weird...) The pig is such a cute color, it inspired me to get a baby ballet pink when I get my nails done tomorrow! Thank you glitzy!
What a cute wittle piggy! Anyway, if you read yesterday here is the bon bon story! Last year I was in the apple store and this older couple was asking an Apple Worker why their laptop battery doesn't last long, and they let it charge all the tim. The worker told them "You have to think of your laptop like a football player. You can't let it sit around in the locker room eating bon bons all day. You have to exercise his skills." Basically, don't let your apple products sit on the charger all day! Use your battery life!! Good night world!  Hang in tomorrow is Thursday! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poison Apple

There is so much petty drama going on at school I want to scream! It's like the third week of school and already the girls are ripping each other's hair out. I learned the best way to respond is just not to care. Of course it isn't easy to do but it is something good to work on. But anyway, speaking of drama- in speech class we are acting out a story of our choice! ohhh Earth shattering right? The funny part is we can't use any words, only actions! I have some really good actors and actresses in my group so I am really excited. We chose the fairy tale Snow White, naturally me being Snow White! I am excited to wear a red bow!!! *NERD STATIS* And the dying from an apple part will be intense with no words! I wish I could give some of those girls at school a poison apple. Mwahahaha.
I really like this take on snow white! She looks less youthful. Oh I forgot to mention- I am doing an FIT class on Sunday afternoons now! I am taking Anatomy of Fashion, it's like drawing which will be good for me because it is certainly not my forte. Anywho my lap top is DYING. Bon bon time! I'll explain that tomorrow! 

Monday, September 10, 2012


On my way home from school I had to stop to get some Brie Cheese (it is my new obsession. It is very satisfying with some grapes and crackers!). So, my mom handed me $8. A five, three ones, and OMG a two dollar bill! Earth shattering, I know! Anyway that is not the point of my story! The point is on the way home from school I got an email from Urban Outfitters that all Jeffery Campbell is 20% off! Now that is a sign from above if I have ever seen one. I have been eyeing up a Jeffery Campbell loafer for a few months now, I think it is time to splurge. The pair I want is rather intense. They have spikes coming from the tip but I think everyone will like! Here are some samples of what I plan on wearing them with!
This first outfit is very edgy and daring! Camo is huge this fall, so it is a must have in your wardrobe! Did you think pink pants were so last season? Think again! A splash a pink adds the perfect pop to a military look. I happened to love the message on this tank but you can wear it with any graphic tee you choose, but I would keep it neutral! And we can not forget the shoe. The only word to describe it is perfect.
You could call it basic or dressed up, but whatever you call it this look is fabulous! An all black dress puts the focus on the shoe, which is the focal point of the outfit. Any style black dress can dress the outfit up, down, or sideways! I am in LOVE with this denim jacket because A) it is getting a little nippy out and B) the studs are a perfect match with the shoe!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello World!

Sorry I have been MIA for all of eternity! I have been so busy with school starting I just want to scream!!!!!! How did I think I could get through my senior year with out blogging? Anyway, I am in a depressed mood because I will not be taking precollege classes at FIT anymore. No more fabulous Saturday outfits! I hate to waste a good outfit on a boring do nothing day! But yesterday I put on a fabulous outfit for a short 15 minutes to go take my senior pictures at the beach. I am like the pickiest person ever when it comes to pictures, so I made my mom take approximately 200! 
This is the one I chose! My bangs are a total mess from the wind, but whatever.
This is just a full shot so you can see my dress. I love the top-its very 1960s, while the ombre is very trendy. Ombre hair + ombre dress= perfect match!
Enjoy your 2012 NY fashion week!!!!