Friday, September 21, 2012

Clutching It

I have finally realized that technology is really not that great. After updating my phone with the new IOS 6 my icloud is extremely messed up. Things like this make me realized truly how obsessed I am with technology, and it is pretty pathetic. I wish I could live in the 60s when life was so simple and relaxed. And if my day couldn't get any worst this morning when I was zippering up my duffle bag the bottom of my blouse got caught by the zipper! It made a huge hole. All I can say is thank God I got the shirt at TJ MAXX. But THE worst part about my day was that my Holga phone case broke. North Carolina sounds like a blast, right? Well on the bright side the town we are staying in has some super cute little crafty boutiques so hopefully I can walk around there later! Unfortunately, because of my icloud being messed up, I can not post pictures of my fabulous outfit today!
Anyway, enough of my complaining. Let us discuss this fabulous Anya Hindmarch satchel! I must admit until I saw this fabulous satchel I didn't know who she was but after researching her I fell in love with her. Here is a link to her site . If you like anything classic with a fun twist you will fall in love with her!

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