Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello World!

Sorry I have been MIA for all of eternity! I have been so busy with school starting I just want to scream!!!!!! How did I think I could get through my senior year with out blogging? Anyway, I am in a depressed mood because I will not be taking precollege classes at FIT anymore. No more fabulous Saturday outfits! I hate to waste a good outfit on a boring do nothing day! But yesterday I put on a fabulous outfit for a short 15 minutes to go take my senior pictures at the beach. I am like the pickiest person ever when it comes to pictures, so I made my mom take approximately 200! 
This is the one I chose! My bangs are a total mess from the wind, but whatever.
This is just a full shot so you can see my dress. I love the top-its very 1960s, while the ombre is very trendy. Ombre hair + ombre dress= perfect match!
Enjoy your 2012 NY fashion week!!!!

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