Monday, September 10, 2012


On my way home from school I had to stop to get some Brie Cheese (it is my new obsession. It is very satisfying with some grapes and crackers!). So, my mom handed me $8. A five, three ones, and OMG a two dollar bill! Earth shattering, I know! Anyway that is not the point of my story! The point is on the way home from school I got an email from Urban Outfitters that all Jeffery Campbell is 20% off! Now that is a sign from above if I have ever seen one. I have been eyeing up a Jeffery Campbell loafer for a few months now, I think it is time to splurge. The pair I want is rather intense. They have spikes coming from the tip but I think everyone will like! Here are some samples of what I plan on wearing them with!
This first outfit is very edgy and daring! Camo is huge this fall, so it is a must have in your wardrobe! Did you think pink pants were so last season? Think again! A splash a pink adds the perfect pop to a military look. I happened to love the message on this tank but you can wear it with any graphic tee you choose, but I would keep it neutral! And we can not forget the shoe. The only word to describe it is perfect.
You could call it basic or dressed up, but whatever you call it this look is fabulous! An all black dress puts the focus on the shoe, which is the focal point of the outfit. Any style black dress can dress the outfit up, down, or sideways! I am in LOVE with this denim jacket because A) it is getting a little nippy out and B) the studs are a perfect match with the shoe!


  1. Does that mean you didn't actually use the two-dollar bill? 5 + 3 + 2 = 10 ;)

    1. Of course not!! HAHA she gave me two more ones!