Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plan Ahead

Hola Everyone! Tomorrow I am leaving for North Carolina because my brother will be sailing in a National event. What that means for me is four days of fabulous outfits! Tonight I am trying to work ahead on all my homework for the rest of eternity because once I get back from NC I am busy busy busy! Relax Allison Relax. The only way for me to stay relaxed when I am oh so busy is to be super organized. I not only have a hard copy planner but a virtual one as well that is set up with icloud for my phone and laptop. It is the only way to live.
Here are my original tips to having the best hard copy day planner one could ask for!
1. Pick a planner! Ask yourself these questions- what size planner will work for me? (does it need to fir in a purse or are you using a backpack that warrants a larger size) do you need pockets? do you need small or large boxes for each day? After you answer these questions pick out a planner that appeals to you, after all you will be looking at it all day long. Lastly, choose one that is sturdy and will hold up through your chaotic life.
2. Write away! The minute you have a school assignment right it down in two places. 1) the due date and 2) a reminder (either the day before or how ever much time you need to leave yourself). Also write in dates when you have appointments, meetings, or any prior commitments.
3. Color Coordinate! Don't be afraid to use colored sticky notes or colored pens to remind you something! For example use red for all due dates and yellow for due dates approaching. Set up a system and use it consistently.
4. Make notes! In my planner I have a small section on each pages that says NOTES. Sometimes I make note of longterm projects or tests. Other times I use the notes section to write down a website I need for a class. But my favorite thing to do with my note section is write myself weekly goals and motivations.

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  1. I *really* like the tape idea for planners (in the photo). I wonder if there's tape that sticks but is removable.