Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poison Apple

There is so much petty drama going on at school I want to scream! It's like the third week of school and already the girls are ripping each other's hair out. I learned the best way to respond is just not to care. Of course it isn't easy to do but it is something good to work on. But anyway, speaking of drama- in speech class we are acting out a story of our choice! ohhh Earth shattering right? The funny part is we can't use any words, only actions! I have some really good actors and actresses in my group so I am really excited. We chose the fairy tale Snow White, naturally me being Snow White! I am excited to wear a red bow!!! *NERD STATIS* And the dying from an apple part will be intense with no words! I wish I could give some of those girls at school a poison apple. Mwahahaha.
I really like this take on snow white! She looks less youthful. Oh I forgot to mention- I am doing an FIT class on Sunday afternoons now! I am taking Anatomy of Fashion, it's like drawing which will be good for me because it is certainly not my forte. Anywho my lap top is DYING. Bon bon time! I'll explain that tomorrow! 

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  1. Hahahaha! Bon bon story. I get it. Bon bon time = recharging = sleeping. Ahaha