Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh So Boy Sick

Yay Sunday the best day ever! I had yet another great class at FIT. As i said before i am now obsessed with drawing! I love seeing my work get better and better, it makes me so proud! My outfit today was so glam it made me happy! But anyway, we need to talk about boys. I know I know. I'm not about to tell you about some boy I'm in love with, i am actually going to tell you about a sickness that i hab suffered through many times. My best friend is suffering through it now and watching her is painful. Im talking about being "boysick" yes i made up the phrase myself about three years ago. I will be famous for it one day! Let me explain, boysick is that feeling you have when you start to like a boy. Usually you can't eat and you are pretty confused about life. You often shake and feel nervous. I know each and everyone of you as felt this! AND when he texts you-end of the world! You almost die from a butterfly attack! On the plus side being boy sick is a great way to drop some extra lbs! Ao how do I conquer boysick?! Easy- i take steaming bubble baths, calm my mind, talk to my best friend about it, and build up the courage to tell him i like him! Its all about the confidence!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dolce Vita

It was a very pleasant surprise to wake up and find that it was freezing outside! Yay coats! Yay boots! Yay sweaters! Anyway, I put on like 20 outfits until I put together the winner- stonewash jeggings, a sliver knit sweater, and my FABULOUS dolce vita leopard coat. I felt so glam, ah i love fall.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today was probably the best day ever for me at FIT. It wasn't because my outfit was super fabulous (ah well it was) it was because drawing finally clicked for me. Our assignment was to make a couture design out of magazine cuts. We had to be super creative, for example: use an image of pots and pans and pleat the paper to form a skirt. Easy enough. It was the croqui drawing that would be the death of me. My professor did an example of the croqui and then showed us how to copy it onto marker paper. She did it in 10 minutes flat and it was the most beautiful sketch I have ever seen. I was so eager to try, I was the first one to grab a croqui layout. I was pleased with my layout, as well was my Professor. I went to the light box and began to draw. It came so easy for me, for once in my life I felt like I could draw. My professor said if this is something we really want she would no by our work next week. if our work was leaps and bounds better she will know we went home and practiced until we cried! Um heck yes I will be practicing all week long! Here are my sketches!mThey are still unperfected but I am rather proud!
Now for my outfit! Ah, I look kind of fat but ignore it, I am in the process of losing 8lbs. So, I am wearing the most fabulous ever AllSaints bubble skirt. It is so so short I can't eve bend over, but who needs to bend over when you look fabulous? On top I have on a fitted black tee under a very oversized lose knit Kensie sweater. It kind of has a short to long hem (it's hard to tell in the picture). Everyone needs an extremely over sized knit. It is a necessity! Anyway, it was raining so of course no other then my navy blue hunter rain boots. Another wardrobe staple! 
Of course I had to wear red lipstick (Revlon- Love That Red). Always makes a look extra posh! I also decided to curl my hair for a little change up. I didn't wash my hair today which is extremely rare for me but it actually looked very well and clean! My secret is dry shampoo!If you're greasy you need it!

Mocking Sins

So yesterday I took the SATS I don't think I broke any records but hopefully I did well. But let's be honest who really cares because I was clearly the best dressed out of anyone who ever took SATS. Ah, I had on forest green corduroys, a long gray tank, my free people aztec maxi sweater, AND my fabulous NEW House of Harlow moccasins. They are my new babies. I love them so much I could sleep with them.
Exquisite Bead Work! Mh Mh Mh

Getting Weird

Sorry this is a little late but last week my class went on a class trip-oh what fun...not. I loved my outfit though, I wore black accordion pants with an emerald green cropped sweater. I looked very glam, as always! Even though museums are BORING to the max (especially for someone like me) we made the most of it. Two of my besties- Holly, Devin and I had some fun in the gift shop with freaky glasses. We look pretty hot if you ask me. HAHA.
My hair looks fabulous here!
Getting weird with the shades!
Ah believe it or not I was in a super depressed mood this day. Im not too sure why I was just feeling blah. But I bet you would have never noticed because I always no how to rock a picture! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm so Posh!

I just realized that I haven't put up any outfit pictures! Gasp!

This is my outfit from FIT  on Sunday. I'm wearing a BeBe leather flare skirt, an off white tee and a thick knit urban outfitters cardigan. The best part of my outfit hands down is my topshop leather creeper shoes! I added a little lace sock for a pop of color and of course my favorite mint green burberry satchel. I've never felt cooler!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shady Shades

Ah, what a long day! Today I had to wake up at 4:42. Why you ask? Mh. We had senior sub sale today and we had to be at school at 6:00am prompt to make 2,000 subs! Thrilling, i know. Clearly, none of you care about subs so let's get to the good stuff! When I got home today I started my college applications! (gasp. i know.) Anyway, my college essays are actually fun to write because I get to write about fashion. What more could I want! I think my essay came out pretty well for the most part. I feel like I may sound a tad bit cocky but my mom said you have to sell yourself! Ah, I rally hope I get into FIT!!!!
Anyway, recently I have been inspired by sunglasses. Sunglasses can totally direct an outfit for good or bad!
Retro Glam. Brining it back mod style but in a glitzy way! This sweater dress is fabulous because it is super short yet conservative- typical 60s dress! The knee high socks throw in a trendy print to update the look.
Trendy Rocker. These pants are great! Side details are huge this season, especially a dramatic stripe. I love this look because it has some mystery to it even know they are all classic pieces.
Cute & Classy. I call this look the snow queen! Pure white and nude are a classic mix that can never go wrong. This look it a great dress up outfit without being too revealing. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to My Crib

We are currently in the process of redoing our living room, dinning room, and family room. I love interior design especially that eclectic, boho, trendy look. So far we have changed our wall color from potato chip yellow to steel gray. The color is very fabulous. What i would love to see play with the look is a pop of fuchsia and cobalt blue! The colors are inviting and trendy. Mustard yellow and even some emerald can be thrown in for some accent pieces. I hope my mom takes my advice because it will be perfect! We already got a new light for our dinning room. We ditched the chandler and replaced it with a rustic large rectangle light fixture.
What i really want to do is take charge of the project myself! Give me a budget and send me off! Yeah, i can totally see my parents going for that! NOT. So in my head here is my dream house! Welcome to my crib(;