Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh So Boy Sick

Yay Sunday the best day ever! I had yet another great class at FIT. As i said before i am now obsessed with drawing! I love seeing my work get better and better, it makes me so proud! My outfit today was so glam it made me happy! But anyway, we need to talk about boys. I know I know. I'm not about to tell you about some boy I'm in love with, i am actually going to tell you about a sickness that i hab suffered through many times. My best friend is suffering through it now and watching her is painful. Im talking about being "boysick" yes i made up the phrase myself about three years ago. I will be famous for it one day! Let me explain, boysick is that feeling you have when you start to like a boy. Usually you can't eat and you are pretty confused about life. You often shake and feel nervous. I know each and everyone of you as felt this! AND when he texts you-end of the world! You almost die from a butterfly attack! On the plus side being boy sick is a great way to drop some extra lbs! Ao how do I conquer boysick?! Easy- i take steaming bubble baths, calm my mind, talk to my best friend about it, and build up the courage to tell him i like him! Its all about the confidence!

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