Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shady Shades

Ah, what a long day! Today I had to wake up at 4:42. Why you ask? Mh. We had senior sub sale today and we had to be at school at 6:00am prompt to make 2,000 subs! Thrilling, i know. Clearly, none of you care about subs so let's get to the good stuff! When I got home today I started my college applications! (gasp. i know.) Anyway, my college essays are actually fun to write because I get to write about fashion. What more could I want! I think my essay came out pretty well for the most part. I feel like I may sound a tad bit cocky but my mom said you have to sell yourself! Ah, I rally hope I get into FIT!!!!
Anyway, recently I have been inspired by sunglasses. Sunglasses can totally direct an outfit for good or bad!
Retro Glam. Brining it back mod style but in a glitzy way! This sweater dress is fabulous because it is super short yet conservative- typical 60s dress! The knee high socks throw in a trendy print to update the look.
Trendy Rocker. These pants are great! Side details are huge this season, especially a dramatic stripe. I love this look because it has some mystery to it even know they are all classic pieces.
Cute & Classy. I call this look the snow queen! Pure white and nude are a classic mix that can never go wrong. This look it a great dress up outfit without being too revealing. 

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