Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today was probably the best day ever for me at FIT. It wasn't because my outfit was super fabulous (ah well it was) it was because drawing finally clicked for me. Our assignment was to make a couture design out of magazine cuts. We had to be super creative, for example: use an image of pots and pans and pleat the paper to form a skirt. Easy enough. It was the croqui drawing that would be the death of me. My professor did an example of the croqui and then showed us how to copy it onto marker paper. She did it in 10 minutes flat and it was the most beautiful sketch I have ever seen. I was so eager to try, I was the first one to grab a croqui layout. I was pleased with my layout, as well was my Professor. I went to the light box and began to draw. It came so easy for me, for once in my life I felt like I could draw. My professor said if this is something we really want she would no by our work next week. if our work was leaps and bounds better she will know we went home and practiced until we cried! Um heck yes I will be practicing all week long! Here are my sketches!mThey are still unperfected but I am rather proud!
Now for my outfit! Ah, I look kind of fat but ignore it, I am in the process of losing 8lbs. So, I am wearing the most fabulous ever AllSaints bubble skirt. It is so so short I can't eve bend over, but who needs to bend over when you look fabulous? On top I have on a fitted black tee under a very oversized lose knit Kensie sweater. It kind of has a short to long hem (it's hard to tell in the picture). Everyone needs an extremely over sized knit. It is a necessity! Anyway, it was raining so of course no other then my navy blue hunter rain boots. Another wardrobe staple! 
Of course I had to wear red lipstick (Revlon- Love That Red). Always makes a look extra posh! I also decided to curl my hair for a little change up. I didn't wash my hair today which is extremely rare for me but it actually looked very well and clean! My secret is dry shampoo!If you're greasy you need it!

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