Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to My Crib

We are currently in the process of redoing our living room, dinning room, and family room. I love interior design especially that eclectic, boho, trendy look. So far we have changed our wall color from potato chip yellow to steel gray. The color is very fabulous. What i would love to see play with the look is a pop of fuchsia and cobalt blue! The colors are inviting and trendy. Mustard yellow and even some emerald can be thrown in for some accent pieces. I hope my mom takes my advice because it will be perfect! We already got a new light for our dinning room. We ditched the chandler and replaced it with a rustic large rectangle light fixture.
What i really want to do is take charge of the project myself! Give me a budget and send me off! Yeah, i can totally see my parents going for that! NOT. So in my head here is my dream house! Welcome to my crib(;

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