Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank you Vintage!

I am thankful for vintage! Check out what i got yesterday- (its a skirt not a sweater)!! (So urban outfitters i know)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the past I almost have always worn a skirt or dress for thanksgiving. But this year it seems totally appropriate to show up in a great pair of trousers and a statement shoe! This outfit is dressy while stil remaining conservative. It can be played down with a tee shirt or dressed up with a blouse. There is so much to be thankful for. Be thankful for fashion! Enjoy your holiday
PS....Sorry about my oxblood obsession! I promise I will show another bloodless outfit soon, I just think the color is so exquisite!

Happy Thanksgiving! by minty1985 featuring pullover sweaters

Monday, November 19, 2012

Beauty Queen

Seriously im not ignoring just really busy! Ah Thanksgiving is just a few days away that means Christmas is around the corner! Im excited for fur coats, snow flurries, and lights. Pinterest has got me so excited for some fun holiday shots! Anywhoo...
Ive been observing instagram pictures as well as pinterest and i have come to the conclusion that girls who cake on the makeup, dye their hair from root to tip and have about a dozen earrings in their ears are not the pretty ones. Right now Im obsessed with this natural, carefree, whispy look. Recently ive een wearing no eye makeup and just letting my hair go. I already feel better and more beautiful. Why are children so beautiful? They are innocent, pure, and natural! There a lot of girls i know who i use to think were cool but now i learned they are ugly on the inside. When you become nice and loving your inner beauty reflects on the outside! My heart goes out to the girls who get made fun of and sit alone sketching or reading. Encourage girls to be themselves, keep it natural, and carefree.

The first picture is me and the ones under it are inspiration!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I reallly wish i could wear whatever whenever but one thing stands in my way: the pilgrim academy! Oh i love my tiny, christian, cozy school but i oh so envy all the girls who dont have to wear uniforms. there is nothing unique about uniforms! If my school could only understand that there are tons of kids at the pilgrim academy who like to express themselves. Clothes can do that for a human! Close your eyes. Well dont because then you can't read do....squint! Okay picture a world that where we all wore the same think everyday-Like we were all characters on Arthur! There are no trends, no change, little personal identity! BORING TO THE MAX!!! Now open your eyes!! Imagine color and darkness, punk rock and 50s chicks,n plaid and polka dots, suede and silk! What is that you ask? Dress up! Be what you want when you want!

This is my dress up box!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Im Back!

Sorry everyone! These last two weeks have been the most busy weeks of my entire life! Aside from a ton of homework, Senior responsibilities and FIT work this dumb hurricane has really thrown a wrench into my life! This is about to be a really long post because I have so much to fill you in on and a lot of pictures!
This was my outfit for FIT's open house! I felt so posh I couldn't even handle it. I call this look "Miss Marc" because it is very marc jacobs! In fact I am wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater with nice voluminous shoulder pads. PS I didnt wash my hair this day. That is total never for me but it turned out great, it gave my hair volume and a little wave. 
I am not a big pink girl but I have to love my pink angora sweater! I love how the blazer and doc martins add a little bit of boy to the look, its not always about the sex appeal. Oh and if you don't have a pair of doc martins I recommend investing in a pair. They are always in and can go with anything, plus they double as a rain boot! This was my outfit for fit almost two weeks ago, my class has been canceled since then because this hurricane! I miss my class, and my teacher, and my friends!

Starbucks and glitter nails- gotta love it! This is my new GEL manicure. Yes it is glitter and yes it is gel. The brand is called "gelish" and I am obsessed. They have every color and every shade including glitter and metallic. It's so worth the money.

Anyway dolls I need to go study! Have a splendid weekend!!! I ail be updating you later with all my obsessions with some polyvore creations! xoxoxoxoxo