Monday, November 19, 2012

Beauty Queen

Seriously im not ignoring just really busy! Ah Thanksgiving is just a few days away that means Christmas is around the corner! Im excited for fur coats, snow flurries, and lights. Pinterest has got me so excited for some fun holiday shots! Anywhoo...
Ive been observing instagram pictures as well as pinterest and i have come to the conclusion that girls who cake on the makeup, dye their hair from root to tip and have about a dozen earrings in their ears are not the pretty ones. Right now Im obsessed with this natural, carefree, whispy look. Recently ive een wearing no eye makeup and just letting my hair go. I already feel better and more beautiful. Why are children so beautiful? They are innocent, pure, and natural! There a lot of girls i know who i use to think were cool but now i learned they are ugly on the inside. When you become nice and loving your inner beauty reflects on the outside! My heart goes out to the girls who get made fun of and sit alone sketching or reading. Encourage girls to be themselves, keep it natural, and carefree.

The first picture is me and the ones under it are inspiration!

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