Saturday, November 3, 2012

Im Back!

Sorry everyone! These last two weeks have been the most busy weeks of my entire life! Aside from a ton of homework, Senior responsibilities and FIT work this dumb hurricane has really thrown a wrench into my life! This is about to be a really long post because I have so much to fill you in on and a lot of pictures!
This was my outfit for FIT's open house! I felt so posh I couldn't even handle it. I call this look "Miss Marc" because it is very marc jacobs! In fact I am wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater with nice voluminous shoulder pads. PS I didnt wash my hair this day. That is total never for me but it turned out great, it gave my hair volume and a little wave. 
I am not a big pink girl but I have to love my pink angora sweater! I love how the blazer and doc martins add a little bit of boy to the look, its not always about the sex appeal. Oh and if you don't have a pair of doc martins I recommend investing in a pair. They are always in and can go with anything, plus they double as a rain boot! This was my outfit for fit almost two weeks ago, my class has been canceled since then because this hurricane! I miss my class, and my teacher, and my friends!

Starbucks and glitter nails- gotta love it! This is my new GEL manicure. Yes it is glitter and yes it is gel. The brand is called "gelish" and I am obsessed. They have every color and every shade including glitter and metallic. It's so worth the money.

Anyway dolls I need to go study! Have a splendid weekend!!! I ail be updating you later with all my obsessions with some polyvore creations! xoxoxoxoxo

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