Thursday, November 8, 2012


I reallly wish i could wear whatever whenever but one thing stands in my way: the pilgrim academy! Oh i love my tiny, christian, cozy school but i oh so envy all the girls who dont have to wear uniforms. there is nothing unique about uniforms! If my school could only understand that there are tons of kids at the pilgrim academy who like to express themselves. Clothes can do that for a human! Close your eyes. Well dont because then you can't read do....squint! Okay picture a world that where we all wore the same think everyday-Like we were all characters on Arthur! There are no trends, no change, little personal identity! BORING TO THE MAX!!! Now open your eyes!! Imagine color and darkness, punk rock and 50s chicks,n plaid and polka dots, suede and silk! What is that you ask? Dress up! Be what you want when you want!

This is my dress up box!

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