Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear Santa...

Ah! In one week I leave for italy! I am very excited but not so much to pack! I have been on many trips but very few winter trips. Obviously, i will need a good coat and shoe. Anyway, i am sure ALL of you are thinking about your Christmas wishlist! There are a few things i would like but honestly i am not looking for much. I have so many great outfits I am just excited to wear those! If you are looking for some gifts for your friends- I HAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS! I have a handful of close friends and unfortunetly i cant be spending $50 on each of them. So what do i do? Easy. First stop- Etsy! Etsy is a great site to buy affordable, fun pieces that are also very personal. For example i love a monogramed bracelet for $10. Personal and chic! My next stop is TJ Maxx. HELLO!! Designer deals! I can easily get my bestie Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings for $15. I will be picking up a pair for myself on that note(; Not sure what your friends want for the holidays? Check out their pinterest boards and polyvore creations!!!!!! I would LOVE anything on my pinterest. Anyway, i must get back to my FIT homework! Holiday cheer everyone xoxo

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  1. Did the giant safety pin come with the scarf‽ I love it!!!:)