Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Transition Season Trauma

Its that time of year again! Winter clothes are becoming so last year and spring clothes feel like an eternity away. Ah how can you manage to trick your mind into thinking your fall and winter wardrobe can hold up a few more months? Easy.
First of all you need to remind yourself that it is still freezing out and spring clothes are just not happening. Once you get a weather reality check its all about being creative! My favorite transition season outfit this year is mixing my bright colored jeans from last spring with a chunky cable knit sweater and a tall ridding boot. Its a winter basic with a bright twist!
Many of my fall/winter tops have a longer hemline which can be a positive thing this time of year. Instead of pairing my tops with denim or any other pant i match them with leggings! Leggings are light classic and most important make you look extra skinny!!!
Lastly, the key to getting through the transition season is to be creative. Wear things in ways you never would have before. Tuck things in, layer with a sweater, unbutton, maybe even do some DIY!!!
Hang in girls spring will hit the stores before you get too bored! Xoxo

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